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Inside Human Resources (Apr 5th, 2019)

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1. An email from a female Microsoft employee led to the exposure of several instances of sexual harassment within the company that was overlooked by human resources. Quartz obtained information on over 90 pages of emails that detailed accounts of threats and harassment faced by female employees of the large tech company. Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s head of HR, said she is investigating the claims, as is the company's executive team. – QUARTZ

2. U.S. Coast Guard Read Admiral William G. Kelly said a "totality of events" is responsible for women leaving military service more often than men. The USCG's assistant human resource commander's remarks are in response to a recent study from the RAND Corp that revealed a more than 12 percent differential of between men and women who remain active in the military after ten years. The study also found that factors such as lack of career advancement opportunities, poor leadership, and decisions to start families as reasons for women leaving the military before men. - MILITARY.COM

3. Follow Friday: Lou Adler
Lou Adler has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the job placement industry. As a guru of headhunting, Adler created the theory behind the performance-based hiring system. He has written multiple books on the arts of both hiring and getting hired, as well as leveraging social networking to get prove your worth as an influencer. Connect with Adler on twitter @LouA

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4. Kay Coles James has spun Google’s new AI ethics board into chaos, and it's falling apart. The Advanced Technology External Advisory Council launched only a week ago, quickly followed by an employee protest over the board's inclusion of James. The group's aim is to provide guidance on diversity challenges in AI algorithms and more. James has made public statements contrary to the AI group's mission. Now, of the eight members listed in Google’s launch announcement, only around half may remain. Privacy researcher Alessandro Acquisti said on Twitter that he won’t stay, and Dyan Gibbens, CEO of drone company Trumbull Unmanned, is also the subject of protest. - VOX

*This segment previously appeared in a recent edition of Inside CTO/CIO.

5. Automated supply vending can help employers keep tabs on supplies and tools to reduce equipment loss. This emerging HR tech can help businesses give employees the access they need while offering financial security on the property. – HR TECHNOLOGIST

6. According to U.S. Product Trends and Insights, most employers are more willing to accept new hires with a minor legal infraction than a positive drug test for marijuana. – HR DIVE

7. According to CPA Mutual, one of the top issues HR departments face is enforcing proper termination and discipline policies when employees are involved in harassment at work. – ACCOUNTING TODAY

8. Establishing strong employee engagement after the onboarding process is one of the many reasons chatbots are essential to HR departments. HR Technologist lists several benefits chat bots offer for building employee branding. – HR TECHNOLOGIST

9. The lack of employee bandwidth required to handle non-administrative duties is one pitfall of many small and medium-sized federal HR agencies. Federal News Network details some of the unique challenges faced within these agencies. – FEDERAL NEWS NETWORK

10. Cloud-based human capital management company Paylocity is looking to cater to the HR industry to the needs of millennial employees. Forbes provides insight into Paylocity’s employee-centric strategies. – FORBES

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