Inside Human Resources - May 1st, 2019

Inside Human Resources (May 1st, 2019)

Game of Thrones-style HR tactics / Behavioral interview / Opportunity over salary

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1. Samsung Ventures announced the backing of its first Southeast Asian company in HR startup Swingvy with a $7 million investment. The venture capital division of Korean electronics company Samsung recently invested in the Singapore-based firm that has a freemium model for its services such as payroll, insurance and human resources for SMBs. Swingvy was founded in 2016 and has successfully integrated into more than 5,100 companies throughout Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. – TECH CRUNCH

2. Amazon announced plans to offer Prime members 1-day free shipping, but the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union is concerned that the tech giant doesn’t believe delivering on that promise is humanly possible. Amazon’s 2-day shipping currently requires workers to fulfill 200-300 requests per hour during12-hour shifts. The RWDSU thinks attempting to create 1-day shipping will create health and safety issues for employees. – HR DIVE

3. Jargon Watch: Behavioral interview

Behavioral interviewing is a technique that measures a candidate's past behavior as an indication of their ability to perform tasks. The line of questioning usually involves delving into past performance and recalling reactions to situations, as opposed to questions geared towards hypothetical situations.

The first Wednesday of each month will feature the definition of a term heavily used, but less known, within the HR community.

4. According to a report from Jobvite, employees see career growth opportunities as more important than getting a large salary. The annual Job Seeker Nation report conducted an online poll of 1,504 full-time, part-time and job-seeking individuals and found that 61 percent of the subjects placed importance on career development opportunities over starting salary and benefits. Jobvite noted that its the first time its report shows emphasis on career development over salary. - HR DIVE

5. The annual performance review period may be over for most companies, but now's the time when the real work begins for HR professionals. Entrepreneur provides a list of follow-up actions HR leaders must take to ensure their company makes proper use of information gathered from reviews– such as focusing on improving points of company dissatisfaction expressed by employees. - ENTREPRENEUR 

6. If your company is looking to hire people actually who care about their jobs, your company must show it actually cares about employees. Increasing your company’s social empathy— or corporate social responsibility— will help you establish leaders who drive change that positivity impacts employees. – FORBES

7. A recent report revealed that a third of employees don’t ask for training out of fear of coming off as incompetent to employers. Eighty-eight percent of those polled in the report also said they believe it’s essential for employers to offer formal staff training programs. – HR DIVE

8. An investigation by Wyoming Highway Patrol did not find criminal charges against state treasurer Kurt Meier, who allegedly threatened the state’s hr staff during an altercation in March. – SF GATE

9. Forbes writer Betsy Atkins assesses Microsoft’s new hr policies amid allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. She thinks the Seattle area tech company did a great job responding to the misconduct allegations, even saying “Microsoft is on it!” – FORBES

10. Do you command loyalty with big risk-big reward techniques like Cersei, or do you strategize every move to keep your team moving forward, like Tyrion? Catherine Iste of Multibriefs offers a unique perspective on HR best practices based on the leadership styles of the Lannister family from 'Game of Thrones.' – MULTIBRIEFS

Nick Shekeryk has a professional background rich in digital marketing and media. His work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York Post, The Post-Standard, and on, among others. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University, as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle, WA, and spends his spare time playing and coaching baseball, running half marathons, and seeing as much live music as possible. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickShekeryk.

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