Inside IoT - February 24th, 2020

Inside IoT (Feb 24th, 2020)

Drones crash during light show / AV radars / Wyze Band

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Hello all, 

Today, we’re seeing a few more details about the expected Wyze Band that will offer basic fitness tracking and controls smart home devices. What do you guys think of it? Would you ditch your current smartwatch for the Wyze Band? Hit reply to let me know! 

Onto the news: 

1. Forty-eight drones of the 800 at the Taiwan Lantern Festival fell shortly after takeoff. The drones were choreographed to create different images in the night sky, including a girl drinking bubble tea and the city’s name. Before the show began, the team controlling the drones detected an interference caused by others flying in the area. No one was injured by the falling drones, but the damages are an estimated $99,000. — TAIPEI TIMES

2. Academics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab published research on how to make driverless cars safer, bypassing cameras and LIDAR sensors. Instead, autonomous vehicles would use ground-penetrating radar to send electromagnetic pulses underground and measure the road’s soil, roots and rock. This data would help the vehicle navigate roads, even in undesirable weather. During testing, the margin of error was 1-inch in snow and 5-inches in heavy rain. — ROBOT REPORT

3. George Madjitey Jr. is helping farmers in Ghana improve efficiency, reduce the use of agrochemicals, and help create strategies for the planting process using drones and other technology. Farmers in Ghana were left out of the data and mechanization revolution, leaving them susceptible to climate change. Madjitey’s company, GEM Industrial Solutions, puts the blockchain into a farmer’s mapping method, and artificial intelligence into crop scouting and counting services. — THE MOGULDORN NATION

4. An image of the Wyze Band — a wrist-worn wearable which will control smart home devices — was leaked, giving us a first look at the device. The band has a large display, a built-in microphone for using Amazon Alexa, and touch controls. Last week, Wyze revealed it had entered beta testing for the Wyze Band, which is the final step before an expected early access release. The band will also feature basic activity tracking and has a jogging app, weather alerts, and alarms. — ZATZ NOT FUNNY

5. China is postponing its goal to achieve mass production of intelligent vehicles with self-driving capabilities from 2020 to 2025. Auto and tech companies continue to struggle with the challenges of truly autonomous vehicle adoption, and consumers still have safety concerns about sharing the road with autonomous vehicles. The original version of the plan set a target of approximately 14 million driverless cars sold in 2020, but the new plan doesn’t even list a production volume goal. — TECH NODE

6. Arizona real estate developer Bela Flor Communities built a smart, luxury apartment complex with units controlled via a smartphone app. Each unit has a garage with a dedicated 220-volt circuit to charge an electric vehicle from Tesla, Porsche, Nissan, Audi, and Volkswagen. The complex also features fiber-optic networks and high-speed wireless access points. — MULTIFAMILY BIZ

7. The “Big Drone” by Drone Champions revealed its flying capability as a full-size drone that has room for a person inside. The drone is controlled on the ground via pilot, and it is the first-ever aerobatic drone with a vision to create a new racing experience. It also has a carbon-fiber airframe and has six arms. — DRONE LIFE

8. The ErgonBand is a new ergonomic Smartwatch strap made explicitly for workouts. The unique-looking strap puts the watch face closer to the wearer’s thumb so the wearer won’t have to twist their wrist to see it. The ErgonBand is currently on Kickstarter to get funding for production. — GEEKY GADGETS

What do you think of the ErgonBand? Would you wear it? Hit reply to let me know!

9. IoT cybersecurity solutions provider Firedome announced an integration with Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT. This partnership will create a dynamic end-to-end cybersecurity solution for IoT device manufacturers. The integration will also allow customers to maximize threat awareness without the need for manufacturer intervention. — AITHORITY

10. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has confirmed the company is creating its own smartwatch called the Realme Watch. It is expected to launch shortly after the Realme Fitness Band hits the market this quarter. Realme is keeping the details on the watch under wraps — there’s no word on the operating system it will use — with the only known feature being a circular dial. — MASHABLE INDIA

Holly A. Phillips has a passion for storytelling and uses her craft to promote brands around the world. She is a Blogging Instructor at the University of Texas at Austin and is always looking for a new adventure. Keep up with her on her blog or on Twitter at @orangejulius7.

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