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Inside Los Angeles (Aug 12th, 2019)

☀️ It's going to warm up again this week, though temperatures should stay milder than we saw earlier in the summer. The high/low tomorrow will be 84/65 downtown, 74/63 near the coast, and 92/65 in the valley.

1. The Los Angeles Times profiled the contentious campaign to represent District 12, an area of the San Fernando Valley that includes Northridge and Reseda, on the LA City Council. The district's current member, Greig Smith, is the only Republican on the City Council. The candidates in Tuesday's special election are Republican and former City Hall aide John Lee and Democrat Loraine Lundquist, a faculty member at Cal State Northridge. Lundquist says she decided to run after concern about her children growing up in a world "threatened by climate catastrophe." Lee says Green New Deal initiatives are too extreme for the district and will result in financial ruin. – LA TIMES

2. Both the Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus department stores in Beverly Hills were robbed on Saturday in unrelated incidents. According to police, thieves made off with about $40,000 worth of high-end purses from Saks Fifth Avenue. One of the four suspects was taken into custody shortly after the robberies occurred. At the same time, two other individuals stole several purses from Neiman Marcus, about two blocks away on Wilshire Boulevard. Unlike similar robberies in 2018 where thieves attempted to smash windows of luxury stores on Rodeo Drive, Saturday's incidents took place during normal business hours. – ABC7

3. Dozens of protesters participated Sunday in a "Close The Camps" rally outside the Metropolitan Detention Center downtown. The protests were organized by immigrant rights advocates, as well as several Jewish groups, including T'ruah ​​​​​and Bend The Arc. The protesters demanded that immigrants and asylum seekers at the Mexican border be greeted "with doctors and social workers and not with the army or with cages." At least one counter-protester was also at the event. The unidentified man shouted, "Don't come illegally; there will be no problem." – KTLA

4. Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the day a gunman wounded five people at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills and killed a postal worker in Chatsworth. Family and friends of the victims, and other community members gathered to remember the incident from Aug. 10, 1999, and to call for change in American gun laws in light of the recent tragedies in Texas and Ohio. Ismael Ileto, brother of murdered postal worker Joseph Ileto, urged Americans to "do something to change the laws." The gunman, Buford O. Furrow, is a white supremacist who told authorities the shooting was racially motivated. He is currently serving life in prison. – ASSOCIATED PRESS

5. A new report suggests that, although Uber and Lyft have contributed to worsening traffic in LA, they account for only 2 to 3 percent of congestion in the city. According to consulting firm Fehr & Peers, who conducted the study at the request of Uber and Lyft, LA drivers travel 11.8 billion miles every month. That makes the 50.7 million miles that rideshare drivers spend on the road without a fare relatively insignificant. LAist spoke to Michael Manville of UCLA's Institute of Transportation Studies, who said that there's only one (highly unpleasant) way to truly alleviate traffic in Los Angeles: "...unless you price your roads at busy times, you don't make a dent in congestion." – LAIST

6. Long Beach musician Toko Tasi was killed in a shooting this weekend outside of P.B.S. Pub and Company. According to friend Tito Rodriguez, Tasi wrote and recorded with the bands Sublime and Slightly Stoopid, and regularly performed in Long Beach. Born Asofaatasi Malaki, he was born in Hawaii but grew up in Long Beach. No suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting. – LONG BEACH POST

7. Chinatown bar Hop Louie has closed (again) and is set to undergo renovations (again). The bar served drinks for a final night at KCRW Chinatown Summer Nights on Saturday. It's unknown what will replace Hop Louie in the Chinatown Central Plaza, but property co-partner Lisa Elin teased "a radical new world of innovation in food and music." Hop Louie previously shut down in 2016, before being reopened by nightclub operator JB Moresco in 2018. – INSTAGRAM

8. Citylab has posted a tribute to the classic Thomas Guide maps that sat in the back seat of nearly every LA car for decades. Writer Laura Bliss laments the loss of a holistic view of the city in deference to the more self-centered vantage points of apps like Waze and Google Maps. As individuals used to have to chart their own course across the city's congested roadways, apps now detail the optimized route through residential neighborhoods, a growing irritation for residents near major thoroughfares. – CITYLAB

9. Starting in 2020, fans across Dodger Stadium will be able to order concessions from their seats on the Postmates Live app to pick up later. The service is already available at select concessions locations on the top deck. Fans who use Postmates Live will be able to order food at no additional fee. – DODGER BLUE

10. The IT Experience Chapter Two has added new reservations to the pop-up set to open at Hollywood and Vine. The 40-minute experience is a tour of The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse Featuring Pennywise the Clown. Initial reservations for the Aug. 15 to Sept. 8 event booked up quickly in promotion of "IT Chapter Two," which hits theaters on Sept. 6. Limited entry will be available to those without reservations on standby. – NBC LOS ANGELES

Jonathan Harris is a Los Angeles-based writer. Previously, he wrote for The Huffington Post,, and the YouTube channel What’s Trending. He’s a frequent performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. Follow him on Twitter @countrycaravan.

Editor: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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