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Inside Marketing (Oct 18th, 2019)

1. Marketers need to figure out how to market marketing. As we continue to see headlines proclaiming the death of the CMO role, at a Festival of Marketing panel CMOs with companies like Tesco, Birds Eye and Salesforce said that they're not in any danger from outside forces. Instead, "it’s marketing people" who are "the ones saying marketing doesn’t deserve a seat at the table," RBS CMO David Wheldon says. Ashling Kearns, a VP of Marketing at Salesforce, agrees, saying "we are the worst marketers of our own discipline and brand." - MARKETING WEEK

2. Companies like Dove and Comcast are focusing on "culturally relevant" marketing. In case studies shared at this week's StratFest conference, Dove showed off #ShowUs, a "collaborative image library" intended to "diversify depictions of women." Comcast showcased its "Reality Week" effort, which via social media and experiential marketing connected fans of the unscripted genre. - MARKETING DIVE

3. IBM is working with publishers to get around marketers' keyword blacklists. Reach, which owns publications like The Daily Mirror, is working with IBM on a custom tool that uses the company's Watson AI. The plan is to create a "smarter" system than the traditional keyword blacklist used by marketers, which is typically intended to ensure brand safety by keeping messaging off pages that might contain inflammatory content. According to Reach, once it added the tool into its CMS, the company realized that about 40 percent of the blocked content "was actually brand-safe, but it wasn’t monetized." "Ultimately, we want to move away from keywords [blacklists] entirely," said Terry Hornsby, digital solutions director for Reach. - DIGIDAY

4. BuzzFeed has published a lengthy investigation into supposed marketing company Ads Inc. The San Diego-based company was said by its CEO to be a "digital assembly line of brands," but in actuality, Craig Silverman reports, it was a subscription trap in which people would sign up for a free trial of a celebrity-endorsed product that had no actual link to the star - and then the buyer would be stuck with a "subscription" for the item that they were unable to cancel. - BUZZFEED

5. An email marketing campaign from fashion brand Boohoo is facing official censure. According to the British Advertising Standards Authority, the effort, which was subject lined “Send Nudes" (followed by the eyes emoji), was “socially irresponsible." According to Boohoo, the email was intended to promote clothing in shades of beige and white, and “nude” was used “solely to describe the [garment] color, which resembled that of the wearer’s skin." - THE FASHION LAW

6. Marketers need to learn that "more isn't always better." So says Falls SVP Todd Morgano, who says that while "big numbers are often easy to measure, look great in a report and appear impressive," a "better metric to assess is whether you reached the people you care about and whether you were able to make them think, feel or do something that led them to buy from you or brought them a little closer into your orbit." - AD AGE

7. Lone Thomsen says she left Coca-Cola for the Meatless Farm Company because she wanted more purpose in her life. Thomsen was the head of media and connections strategy for the beverage company, and says that she found herself wanting "to do something more meaningful," and that working toward a more sustainable future through a reduction of meat intake was her way toward that greater purpose. - THE DRUM

8. The Montana Beef Council is increasing its marketing budget. As part of its stated goal to "build demand for beef," it's also named new leadership: Kiley Martinell, who says she lives "on a family-owned ranch in Dell raising commercial cattle," is the group's new president. - FARM PROGRESS

9. The InFaith Community Foundation is seeking a Manager of Marketing Communications. The job, which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, requires a candidate with "strong subject matter expertise and industry knowledge." Qualified applicants will have "strong emotional intelligence and communications skills" and "confidence and composure to represent the organization externally." - THRIVENT

10. Gap Inc. is looking for a Strategic Sourcing Manager. In the San Francisco-based position, which works toward the company's digital and social media goals, you'd lead "planning, implementation, and execution of media sourcing strategy." Qualified candidates must have 5-7 years of marketing experience and a track record of "planning and leading negotiations." - AMA

Eve Batey is a writer, editor, and consultant based in San Francisco. She also owns a store and writes about the business of true crime. You can find her on Instagram at @evelb or via email at

Editor: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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