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Inside Music (Jan 2nd, 2020)

1. The Recording Industry Association of America made the eye-popping announcement that streaming music went from 7 percent to 80 percent of the U.S. music market over the last decade. That saturation has been fueled by streaming music subscriptions, which has increased from 1.5 million to 611 million, as of June 2019. Just as interesting, vinyl sales have gone from $50 million to a little under $450 million in revenue over the last 10 years. The stats are part of an upcoming report by the RIAA which recaps the last decade in music. — VARIETY

2. Song recommendation: Big Thief - "Forgotten Eyes"

From Matt Fiedler: CEO, Vinyl Me, Please:

"I love the subtle greatness in Big Thief's music. This song, whether I am listening to the album in full, or if it comes on a radio station, always grabs me and forces me to listen. Like, really listen. I'm not sure exactly what it is about this song, but it refuses to slip into the background."

Big Thief has made big waves in 2019 with their album "Two Hands" that appeared on dozens of year-end lists proclaiming the best music of the year.

3. Sonos is getting a little heat for its upgrade and recycling program because otherwise functioning units are being "bricked." While Sonos has said that the units should be properly recycled, there's no guarantee that users will after an update is sent to disable the speaker. There's nothing particularly malicious by Sonos, but I suspect the massive amounts of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice assistant speakers from Google, Apple, and Amazon filling up people's homes will become a bigger issue in the next few years as they need to be properly disposed of. — THE VERGE

4. The long-standing streaming music service 8Tracks shut down on December 31. The service which started in 2008 let people craft and share playlists, but had been in decline and couldn't afford its royalty payments any longer. Founder David Porter laid out a very transparent postmortem on the streaming service which is worth everyone's time, especially those in music and/or tech. — BILLBOARD

5. There's a new Justin Bieber docuseries on the way from YouTube called “Justin Bieber: Seasons.” The behind-the-scenes series will provide fans a deeply personal look at the singer's life from his early career until the present. It's fitting that "Seasons" will be available on YouTube as that's where Bieber was originally discovered singing. New music will be appearing in the 10 episodes that will be available starting January 27. The singer will also debut the first single, "Yummy," on January 3 from his upcoming album. — NEW YORK POST

6. Now that's it's 2020, songs from 1924 are losing their copyrights and entering the public domain. The most notable addition is George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue." As NPR points out, the song was supposed to enter the public domain 20 years ago, but because of lobbying from the Gershwin Family Trust and Disney, copyrighted works now span 95 years, instead of the original 75. — NPR

7. "Everytime im gonna play "Go DJ" im gonna have an image of Obama gettin’ down in my head," was the response from Kaytranada after having "Go DJ" appear on former President Barack Obama's favorite songs from 2019. Kaytranada's newest album was only released on December 13 but still managed to have a song make the cut. The list, released on Monday, includes a fairly eclectic list of artists, ranging from Big Thief's “Not” and Maggie Roger's "Burning" to Young Thug's “The London." If you want to take a listen to the 35 songs, there's a Spotify playlist available. — STEREOGUM

8. You can check out Green Day performing "When I Come Around" on Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve show as they demonstrated to everyone what the "Dookie" albums sounds like after 25 years. The album was originally released in 1995 and marks a huge milestone for the pop-punk trio. Green Day isn't done yet as the band has a brand new album coming out February 7 called, "Father of All...." — ALTERNATIVE PRESS

9. The Strokes are back with the announcement of a new album in 2020 and a second new song titled, "Ode to the Mets." The band told fans about the upcoming release on New Year's Eve at a New York show saying, they had taken the 2010s off, but they're back and have been unfrozen. “The Adults Are Talking” was the first new song shared in May 2019. — PITCHFORK

10. While not specifically about music, there is a new trailer for the sound-conscious "A Quiet Place Part II." The first movie had sparse dialog and created a brilliant sound experience through silence and ambient noise. The second one looks to build on that sound design and create immense tension through its score and use of silence. The movie is out in theaters on March 20. — POLYGON

Tyler Hayes is a writer and early adopter in both music and technology. He's based in California and has contributed to Fast Company, BuzzFeed, and Billboard, among others. You can reach out at @TylerH.

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