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Inside Music (Jan 3rd, 2020)

1. The Coachella 2020 lineup has been announced and it's a doozy. Rage Against The Machine, Frank Ocean, and Travis Scott are among this year's headliners but are far from the only notable acts. Lil Nas X, composer Danny Elfman, and k-pop group Big Bang have all been trending and had fans talking since the announcement last night. The first Coachella weekend is April 10-12, with the followup shows the week after. — CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

2. Song recommendation: Satin Jackets & Panama - "Electric Blue"

From Marty Bell: Founder of

"I can't get enough of this collab between two of my favourite summer-vibes artists. When I play this track, I feel like I've just thrown an overnight bag in the back of a '94 Jeep Wrangler, and I'm driving to a beach party to see old friends, wind through my hair, sun on my face."

Satin Jackets released two new instrumental songs today, January 3, titled "Meridian Gateway" and "Coffee and Feels." The latest album from the band, "Solar Nights," was released in 2019.

3. Billie Eilish is partnering with retail store H&M to produce a line of sustainably-sourced clothing items. The first dozen items released include sweatshirts, T-shirts, a bucket hat, and socks — most displaying Billie's name in neon fashion. The singer has frequently spoken about sustainability, but from the initial announcement and product descriptions, it's hard to tell what sustainable materials and manufacturing process this all entails. — ALTERNATIVE PRESS

4. Justin Bieber is officially back with his new song "Yummy." The song doesn't break any ground with its repetitive chorus and the lyric video doesn't break any ground with its endless ice cream visual either. In this way, the song is reminiscent of Bieber's other hit song, "Baby." Regardless, the song should be all over the place soon enough so it's worth getting acquainted with at some point. The song is the first single from his upcoming, but yet to be titled album. — STEREOGUM

5. Chinese mega-company Tencent has just led a 10 percent purchase of Universal Music Group for €3 billion. This move helps increase Tencent's international growth, while also benefiting UMG's expansion into Asia with help from one of China's largest technology companies. The move now values UMG, the record label home of Taylor Swift and Jay-Z among many others, at around €30 billion. — ECONOMIST

6. Actress and singer, Hailee Steinfeld has released a new song called, "Wrong Direction." While Steinfeld hasn't confirmed any of the rumors, fans are still convinced that the new song is about the breakup between her and Niall Horan last December and how he cheated on her. If you're trying to place her beyond her music, Steinfeld most recently starred in the Apple TV+ show Dickinson. — SEVENTEEN

7. Klipsch is debuting new over-the-ear, noise-canceling headphones alongside two new pairs of wireless earbuds. Separating them from Bose and Sony, the headphones feature aptX HD and AAC support by default and an integrated USB-C port into the case so they can be charged without removing them from the case. Priced at $399, the new headphones will go on sale sometime this fall.

The Klipsch wireless earbuds T5 will get updated with active noise canceling for $299, while the petite T10 wireless earbuds will go on sale for a whomping $649 this fall. — TECHRADAR

8. Two musical artists, Common and Rufus Wainwright will each produce “audio-only musical narratives” for Audible this year. Common, who is an Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winner, will be releasing "Bluebird Memories: A Journey Through Lyrics & Life," while Wainwright will release "Road Trip Elegies: Montreal to New York" in 2020. Common's Audible content will bring in his musical influences from throughout his life and present that in a new and unique listen. — BROADWAY WORLD

9. Death Cab For Cutie frontman Benjamin Gibbard has debuted a new cover song, "Brighter Than The Moon," as part of the James Mendenhall tribute album, "I'll Send You The Stars." Mendenhall was the frontman for indie band The Prom and passed away in January 2019. The album also includes covers from Cursive and Calico and is out today. All proceeds from streams and sales will go to the non-profit Cancer Pathways. — UNDER THE RADAR

10. Artists looking for a portable recording device, beyond just using their phones, should read through this list of pocketable recorder reviews rounded up by Rolling Stone. Investing in a professional-grade recorder could come in handy for recording on-the-go. The Zoom H4N Pro, for example, can record, edit, and add effects all from the device itself. These digital audio recorders can also work for podcasters or reporters capturing audio out of the house. — ROLLING STONE

Tyler Hayes is a writer and early adopter in both music and technology. He's based in California and has contributed to Fast Company, BuzzFeed, and Billboard, among others. You can reach out at @TylerH.

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