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Inside Music (Jan 9th, 2020)

1. BTS's new comeback album, "Map of the Soul: 7" is available for pre-order starting today. The K-pop band announced the new album earlier this week. Yesterday, the band also released a schedule for the upcoming dates of when new information (tracklisting and more) from the album would be available, leading up to the February 21 album release. You can expect to hear the first new song in just over a week on January 17. — USA TODAY

2. Song recommendation: Great Good Fine OK - "2020"

From Tyler Hayes: writer of newsletter

Great Good Fine OK dropped an amazingly catchy song on December 29, right in the middle of a music industry dead period, so I wanted to make sure people don't miss it. Musically, the song is a smooth, R&B flavored bop. It's big on bass and rhythm, but also very clever lyrically in its wordplay about the new year, 2020, and hindsight being 20-20.

If you like what you hear, the band is heading out on tour starting January 17, hitting cities in Canada and the U.S.

3. Roland has unveiled a new portable mixer for musicians — or creators of any media using live streaming — called Go:Livecast. The hardware is minimal and appears less intimidating than most boxes of this sort. It also offers audio monitoring along with the ability to insert pre-assigned media into a broadcast via physical buttons. The other half of the $249 Go:Livecast is the included app for configuring and handling the live streaming portion. The hardware will be available at the end of January. — THE VERGE

4. Sonos announced that it has sued Google in two federal courts, wanting to ban sales of Google’s speakers, smartphones, and laptops in the U.S. Sonos accused Google of infringing on five of its patents. While Sonos isn't currently suing Amazon, the company did mention the retailer as another offender of patent infringement. Sonos CEO, Patrick Spence, will be testifying next week in a House antitrust hearing, which there will likely be further details shared about Sonos' complaints against Amazon (and possibly Google). — NEW YORK TIMES

5. Tame Impala released the fourth new single, "Lost In Yesterday," from the upcoming album, "The Slow Rush," out February 14. The song is upbeat and drum-heavy and continues the musical evolution of the previous album. You can catch Tame Impala this year headlining Bonnaroo, as well as on the band's own months-long U.S. headlining tour. — PASTE

6. Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer, will take over the scoring duties for the upcoming James Bond movie, "No Time To Die." Dan Romer had originally been tasked with scoring the film, but due to creative differences, Zimmer will be taking over with only three months until the film's scheduled release. Zimmer's other upcoming film scores include "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Dune." — THE GUARDIAN

7. Samsung claims it will release a new Wi-Fi speaker, with its Bixby voice assistant, called Galaxy Home Mini in early 2020. This is notable because Samsung's HomePod-like speaker, the Galaxy Home, was announced 18 months ago, but never shipped — in fact, no one knows what happened to it. There's speculation that the Home Mini will be given full details and specs at Samsung's upcoming February event, but until it appears in a consumer's hands, it should be thought of as lore. — ENGADGET

8. Belkin and Devialet are teaming up to create a speaker and wireless phone charger all-in-one. The beauty here is that the speaker doesn't sacrifice appearance for functionality. The other piece that makes the Soundform Elite notable is Devialet's reputation for great sounding speakers. The Soundform Elite will go on sale in the next few months and retail for $300. — CNET

9. A new generation of Bluetooth audio is coming in the form of Bluetooth LE. The Bluetooth LE spec will be finalized throughout the second half of 2020, so devices with new features shouldn't be too far off. The highlights around audio include higher fidelity with lower power consumption, support for multi-stream audio, and Bluetooth Audio Sharing — for that classic earbud sharing look between friends, but now without any dangling wires. — MAC RUMORS

10. Miscellaneous news roundup

  • Grimes announced she's pregnant with Elon Musk on Instagram.
  • Justin Bieber shares that he has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.
  • "The Bachelor" TV show is getting a musical spin-off called, "Listen To Your Heart."
  • Grouplove has released a new song called "Deleter." 
  • Mac Miller has a posthumous album, "Circles," being released January 17.

Tyler Hayes is a writer and early adopter in both music and technology. He's based in California and has contributed to Fast Company, BuzzFeed, and Billboard, among others. You can reach out at @TylerH.

Edited by Sheena Vasani, staff writer at Inside.

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