Inside Podcasting - July 31st, 2019 |

Inside Podcasting (Jul 31st, 2019)

Modern Love on TV / Brown Girls Do It Too / Slow Burn TV Launch Date / Meditative Story

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1. Podcast and New York Times column Modern Love will make its debut as an Amazon series on October 18. The show's first season features a star-studded cast which includes Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Catherine Keener, Dev Patel, John Slattery and Julia Garner. "I was really happy because of Amazon being a streaming platform, I knew people were going to see it," says Hathaway. Check out the video trailer here. — ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 

2. BBC Sounds has launched Brown Girls Do It Too, in which the hosts aim to dispel the notion that British Asian females are uninterested in sex. Says co-host Rubina Pabani, “A lot of British Asians in this country come from more traditional patriarchal backgrounds and being a woman means there are certain roles we must play – sultry sex goddess is not one of them." The show's three hosts goes "all in" on the topic, from discussing masturbation and orgasms to "notches on the bed posts" and vulva size.— THE INDEPENDENT

3. WaitWhat, the production house behind Masters of Scale and Should This Exist, has partnered with Arianna Huffington's mindfulness startup Thrive Global to launch Meditative Story. The weekly show blends first person narratives with "mindfulness prompts" designed to help the listener embrace a sense of calm. The podcast will feature contributions from On Being’s Krista Tippett; restaurateur Danny Meyer; NPR's Peter Sagal; Apple Music’s Larry Jackson; and transgender boxer and author Thomas Page McBee, among others. According to a story in Variety, WaitWhat co-founder Deron Triff "believes the initiative will establish a new genre of podcast." — VARIETY

4. Bradley Chambers of 9to5Mac says QCODE's fiction thriller Carrier is the "can't miss" pod of the season. The original scripted audiodrama, which is produced by the team who brought you Blackout, follows truckdriver Raylene, as she tries to figure out what she's hauling across the country (one episode is ominously named "The Tail"). Evidently, creator Dan Blank recorded much of the show's sound effects during an actual roadtrip, giving the finished product an "immersive" audio quality best suited to headphone listening. Carrier stars Cynthia Erivo, winner of a Tony, Grammy, and Emmy, in its lead role. — 9TO5MAC

5. Epix has announced that the television adaptation of Slow Burn will arrive on November 24th at 10pm. When I interviewed former host Leon Neyfakh for Inside Podcasting's upcoming podcast, he said TV series will be anything but a mundane rehashing of the podcast (Neyfakh is an executive producer on the project). 

6. The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture has announced that it's adding podcasts to its permanent collection. The museum's inaugural show is Revision Path, which is hosted by designer Maurice Cherry and "showcases the world's black designers, developers and digital creatives."

7. Fiction thriller Passenger List, which stars Kelly Marie Tran of Star Wars fame and veteran stage actor Patti Lupone, has joined the Radiotopia network. The show was co-written and co-directed by The Bright Sessions' Lauren Shippen and revolves around the mystery behind a missing plane (and I repeat, it's fiction). Youngish person pod Adult ISH (not to be confused with Adulting) has also signed up with the collective.

8. Make Kevin Goldberg's day — and help us all understand the podcast ecosystem a little better — by completing Discover Pods' third annual Podcast Trends Report 2019 questionnaire (it took me less than five minutes). The report "strives to provide deeper insight into both podcast fans and podcasters alike." 

9. ICYMI, Amazon has canceled the TV version of the podcast Lore. In a tweet, creator Aaron Mahnke reassured his followers that the podcast will "keep trucking on without a hiccup" and hinted that he may continue his "foray into the world of making television." Also, he'd rather not hear your thoughts on the matter.

10. Art podcast Accession is looking for Japanese-American podcasters and/or voice actors to "bring to life some historical voices." If this is you, reach out on Twitter.

This newsletter was written and curated by podcast junkie and recovered publicist, Skye Pillsbury. Over the years, Skye has crafted digital media strategies for brands like Yahoo! and Microsoft and worked regularly with media outlets such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone and NPR. Skye was famous for 49 minutes when she and her son were featured in an episode of Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight podcast. Follow her on Twitter @SkyePillsbury.

Editor: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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