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Inside Podcasting (Feb 16th, 2017)

Hello, readers of Inside Podcasting! Just wanted to share a few new podcasting stories, and also let you know that we're going to be shifting to a Monday publishing schedule from next week on. So we'll see you next Monday for a full issue of Inside Podcasting, and thanks for reading! - Yancy

Drew Ackerman's "Sleep With Me" podcast is designed to be as boring as possible, to help fellow insomniacs fall asleep. Ackerman, who calls himself "Scooter" on the show, counts 2.3 million monthly downloads of the show. The episodes feature Ackerman ceaselessly droning on about topics that "barely matter." For a recent episode, Ackerman told listeners about a trip to the market to buy fixings for sandwiches. Listener Andrea Grimes says she had tried to listen to podcasts to help her sleep before, but found them too interesting to tune out. "So as soon as there was this nice-sounding man giving me permission to ignore him... I was like, ‘This is fantastic.’ I was just immediately into it." Ackerman also hosts a sister program called "Game of Drones" where he simply recounts the plot of the latest episode of HBO's hit show. – DENVER POST

The latest episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast focuses on President Donald Trump's ties to Russia. The episode comes in the wake of the resignation of Mike Flynn, Trump's national security advisor, as well as a New York Times report on Trump aides being in contact with Russia during the campaign. Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team dissect the scandals, predict which are likely to stick, and discuss the implications for the future. – FIVETHIRTYEIGHT

The latest episode of the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast asks whether "rock is dead." Host Brian Hiatt is joined by RS contibutors Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos, Andy Greene and Steven Hyden for a heated discussion about whether or not "the heart of rock and roll is still beating." – RS

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