Inside Podcasting - July 26th, 2019

Inside Podcasting (Jul 26th, 2019)

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood / Apple Categories / Earbud Fix

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Hello, friends!

Eve Batey here, I'm the person who covers Inside Podcasting when Skye's away. She asked me to let you know that as a result of her travel schedule, next week's Inside Podcasting will appear in your inboxes on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, as opposed to its usual M-W-F schedule. Same great content, just different days. Thanks for your flexibility!

1. "Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood" is ready to take over your ears. The long-awaited Quentin Tarantino film has gotten a great response from critics (I reviewed it here), and its promotional machine has gone into overdrive for its opening today, with much of the campaign headed for a podcast platform near you. We all have limited time to listen, I know, so here are my top three picks for folks eager to go deep on Tarantino and OUATIH:

  • Columbia Pictures is taking over Spotify’s TV & Movies hub, Ad Week reports, with Tarantino curating the platform's Film and TV Favorites playlist. You can find that list here.
  • Also on Spotify: On Friday at midnight, ET, the platform will release a four-part podcast with Tarantino and Rolling Stone’s David Wild. On the show, the pair will engage in a track-by-track discussion of the film’s soundtrack. 
  • Over at The Ringer, we have more exclusive QT content: This time Amy Nicholson (who also hosted the great Halloween Unmasked) is behind the mic for Quentin Tarantino’s Feature Presentation, a three-part conversation with the director to discuss his life, career, and (of course) his latest release. You can subscribe to the podcast here.

2. Apple has changed how it categorizes podcasts. In an email to podcasters, the company says that the changes, which it characterizes as enhancements, will kick in later this summer, but that podcasters should start modifying how their shows are categorized now. Via email, podcasting host Libsyn says that the update "moves some categories around, keeps some categories the same, and adds several new categories," and offers tips on how to ensure your show complies with the changes here.

3. Follow Friday: Robin GalanteIf you've ever gone to the website of KCRW podcast Nocturne, you've seen Galente's work: She provides the haunting illustrations for each episode of the podcast about "the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark." The San Francisco-based artist also creates numerous depictions of the city, and regularly draws her dreams. (Much of her art is available for sale in a variety of formats, BTW.)

You can keep up with everything coming from Galante's prolific imagination via social media, proof that there's still delight to be found in the oft-fraught platforms. For example, her most recent Facebook post is about a woman who was "overwhelmed with emotion" by the image on one of Galante's greeting cards. Meanwhile, via Twitter, she's sharing a recent painting of an iconic SF building, one that she says made her think "Wow... I'm definitely not in Los Altos anymore." And all the while, over on Instagram, she's sharing her artistic process. You can follow her on Twitter @RobinGalante1, on Facebook at robingalanteart, and on Instagram @robin_galante_art

4. Hotly anticipated true crime docuseries "No One Saw A Thing" premieres on the Sundance Channel on August 1, and you can get ahead of the game by checking out podcasts that have already covered the case. The show investigates the murder of Ken McElroy, the so-called "town bully" of Skidmore, Missouri who in 1981 was gunned down in front of dozens of witnesses - none of whom would name the suspect. Interesting, right? Here's a roundup of true crime podcasts that, in my opinion, have done the best job of covering the mystery, presented in order of most to least serious.

5. Spotify has acquired The 500The nine-month-old podcast, in which host Josh Adam Meyers seeks to dissect all 500 of Rolling Stone's list of the greatest albums ever made, will now be presented as a Spotify Original. - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

6. Leaders in the podcasting biz will come together for a panel on "The Podcast Revolution." The September 25 panel will include iHeartMedia President of Digital Revenue Strategy Carter Brokaw, National Public Radio General Manager of Podcasts Neal Carruth, and United Talent Agency emerging platforms and podcasting agent Oren Rosenbaum. The event is part of The Radio Show, a conference held by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Advertising Bureau September 24-26 in Dallas, Texas, with tickets available here. - RADIO ONLINE

7. The TV adaptation of popular podcast Homecoming has added Janelle Monáe to its cast. She will play "a tenacious woman who finds herself floating in a canoe, with no memory of how she got there — or even who she is" in the second season of the Amazon show, which will reportedly deviate from the storyline laid out in the pod. - DEADLINE

8. "Outlander" stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are launching a Scottish history podcast. There's no official release date for the show, which will reportedly be called Clanlands, but McTavish says it will be "about the history, clans and landscape of Scotland." - SCOTSMAN

9. From The Forums: Sports podcasting startup Blue Wire has secured its first investor. According to founder and CEO Kevin Jones, VC firm 500 Startups will be backing Blue Wire's play.

10. I don't want to step on the toes of Inside Deals (which I assume you already read), but this $10 AirPod accessory kit is exactly what I've been looking for. As someone who struggles to make earbuds stay in my ears, I am always looking for augmentations to keep them stable - and don't get me started on all the dumb places I've left my earbuds when someone's dared request my attention as I'm listening to a pod. Is this set the solution to all my problems? Here's hoping. - CNET

Eve Batey, who is filling in for Skye Pillsbury today, is a writer, editor, and consultant based in San Francisco. She also owns a store and writes about the business of true crime. You can find her on Instagram at @evelb, Twitter @eveb, and can be reached at

Editor: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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