Inside Podcasting - August 2nd, 2019

Inside Podcasting (Aug 2nd, 2019)

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Dear Readers,

Yesterday I reported that Room 20 is a production from Wondery and the LA Times. It turns out that Wondery is distributing the podcast and the show is produced by LA Times Studios with support from Neon Hum Media. I deeply regret the error!

— Skye

1. Yesterday, Vox's Zach Kahn alerted me to the fact that Apple podcast categories have re-emerged, at least in the U.S. (as many of you are probably already aware, the categories have been "on a brief vacation"). Apple Charts have also returned, but Kahn points out that "top charts" and the podcasts listed as "top" within their category don't match up perfectly — at least, not yet. The new categories are true crime, comedy, sports, fiction, history, business, society & culture, kids & family, education, news, religion & spirituality, TV & movies, technology, arts, health & fitness, music, science, leisure, government. — ZACH KAHN'S TWITTER

Where would you put a podcast about podcasts? Please vote.

2. I'm halfway through The Lonely Hour's thought-provoking four-part series "Inner Lives." In an email this week, host Julia Bainbridge wrote, "Defining 'inner life' isn't easy, but I like to think of it as the private self, the self we deal with during times of mental repose — during times when we're alone. The strength of our inner lives often affects that of our outer lives. Right?" In its first episode, Bainbridge talks with Note to Self's Manoush Zomorodi about her decision to make room for more boredom in her life. All episodes of this beautifully edited miniseries are out now. — TWITTER

3. Accomplished writer and podcaster Julia Bainbridge, who should consider a standup comedy side hustle, is today's Follow Friday. Earlier this week, I laughed out loud while scrolling through her commentary on the Democratic debates. "Marianne should get off this stage, but I'll happily split a clove cigarette with her while we wear matching caftans and hold crystals in the palms of our non-smoking hands," reads one of my many faves. "We simply can't have a Prez. named Hickenlooper I'm sorry canceled," reads another. (She also tweets during The Real Housewives reunion shows, which gives her even more comic credibility in my book.) If you're not into Twitter, you can also find her guesting on podcasts, entertaining audiences onstage, or frying up a batch of okra.

Bainbridge, who previously served as an editor at Condé Nast Traveler, Bon Appétit and Atlanta Magazine, still contributes stories for various mainstream publications and is currently working on a book about non-alcoholic cocktails. With all this on her plate, it's easy to see why her latest pod project explores how to carve out time for your private life.

4. ShePodcasts' conference organizers have released the show's full schedule and confirmed speakers. The lineup includes award-winning host, producer and author Kristen Meinzer, Satellite Sisters co-creator and O Magazine columnist Lian Dolan, WOC Podcasters founder Danielle Desir, The Story Behind's Emily Prokop, Melissa Kiesche of Edison Research and many more. In addition to enjoying onstage presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a storytelling workshop with an instructor from The Moth, pitch their show to folks from PRX, explore sponsorships with two ad agencies, access free one-on-one podcast coaching, and network with 500 fellow female podcasters. The show takes place in Atlanta from Oct. 11-13. Register here. — SHEPODCASTS

5. Radiolab's Jad Abumrad has revealed that he's working on a nine-part series titled Dolly Parton's America, which arrives this fall. Sign up for updates on the show here, y'all!

6. Podcast Brunch Club, which is like book club but for podcasts, has announced that this month's theme is Secrets. The playlist includes one of my favorite episodes, "Little White Lie" from Family Secrets, which tells the story of one woman's quest to find out who she really is.  

7. The team behind upcoming podcast Timur have created a handy clickable map that helps listeners discover history podcasts about various regions around the world. (What a creative way to attract potential listeners to Timur's show pages!) H/T Erik Jones.

8. Of course, we know that the answer is "What is Pod Save America?" — but contestants on "Jeopardy!" couldn't come up with a damn thing when faced with the clue below (click the image to watch the clip on Twitter). This isn't the first time the word "podcast" has appeared on the show, by the way.

9. In a Q&A on Medium, Podfund-supported broadcaster-turned-podcaster Erica Mandy discusses her "less depressing" daily news podcast, The Newsworthy. "Yes, we may talk about some sad stories, but we always make sure to counterbalance that with some (just as relevant) positive, interesting and lighter news stories," says Mandy.

10. The inaugural installment of Bachelor Happy Hour with Rachel and Ali landed in feeds this week. Evidently, the new show, which is hosted by Rachel Lindsay (season 13) and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno (season 6), is  the first "official" podcast associated with the franchise. I can hear Bachelor Nation cheering.

This newsletter was written and curated by podcast junkie and recovered publicist, Skye Pillsbury. Over the years, Skye has crafted digital media strategies for brands like Yahoo! and Microsoft and worked regularly with media outlets such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone and NPR. Skye was famous for 49 minutes when she and her son were featured in an episode of Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight podcast. Follow her on Twitter @SkyePillsbury.

Editor: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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