Inside Podcasting - November 22nd, 2019

Inside Podcasting (Nov 22nd, 2019)

Dear Young Rocker Isn't New / Against the Rules Season 2 / Catch & Kill / Inside Frozen 2 / Metaphysical Milkshake

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Dear Readers,

I'm going on vacation next week (woot woot!). While I'm gone, you'll be in great hands with Beth Duckett, who writes the excellent Inside AI newsletter. She'll publish Inside Podcasting Monday and Wednesday of next week. I'll be back in your inboxes in December (!!). And in the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter


1. From 2013 to 2017 Rainn Wilson (The Office) ran a video interview series titled Metaphysical Milkshake, in which he asked people like Jason Ritter and Deepak Chopra existential questions in a dilapidated van. Earlier this fall, Rainn and Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan joined forces to co-host a Luminary-exclusive podcast of the same name. "Welcome to Metaphysical Milkshake, the show where we go deep, we get weird, and we search for the meaning of life along the way," reads a note from the hosts (sadly, no mention of a van). If this sounds interesting, check out Joshua Dudley's Forbes interview with Aslan and Wilson, in which the trio discusses "butterflyness," whether Mick Jagger was right, the #MeToo movement, and purpose. — FORBES

2. This week Disgraceland creator Jake Brennan, along with his business partner Brady Sadler, announced the launch of Double Elvis, a new "audio-driven media company that will create original entertainment properties." The venture has partnered with iHeartMedia and will distribute its programming as part of iHeartRadio's Original Podcasts division. While researching this story, I recognized the name of the new venture's first podcast, which is slated for a 2020 release: Dear Young Rocker. It's indeed the same show I listened to over a year ago (today you'll only see its trailer on Apple Podcasts, but the old series remains intact on Podchaser) and you can still access its Facebook group, in which the most recent post (dated February 2019) alludes to an upcoming "surprise." There's nothing hugely unusual about a production house reworking something obscure and repackaging it as "new" but I wish the team behind Double Elvis had shared the show's origin story with the journalists covering this news. Let's hope they provide more context when the show officially launches next year. — VARIETY

3. Follow Friday: NPR Training might seem like a no-brainer follow, but this digital fountain of knowledge only has 11,000 followers. Regardless of whether you listen to NPR, its feed offers something for almost everyone — from the podcurious all the way to working hosts and producers. Over the past week, NPR Training has linked to articles about what to edit out of interviews (a story I highlighted in this newsletter), upcoming fellowship and internship opportunities, how to handle tricky pronunciation and spelling, tips for political journalists, notifications about upcoming NPR podcasts, and more. On occasion, I've noticed a repeated tweet, which can be annoying but seems a small price to pay for so much solid, free information. 

If this sounds useful, hop over to NPR Training's topic page, where you'll find an entire section devoted to articles about editing and structure, writing and voice, and audio 101. You can also sign up for NPR Training's monthly email here

4. Vulture reports that interview show Strong Black Lead has been temporarily renamed Strong Black Laughs (it comes up under either name). The weekly show, which is designed  “to bring you the black champions of comedy and take your mind off all the bulls**t,” features interim host Janelle James in conversation with trailblazing comedians including Luenell, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps, and Kim Coles. The podcast will return with its original moniker in 2020. — VULTURE

6. Someone who is "in the know" just informed me that Michael Lewis's Against the Rules will return in April of 2020 with a brand new focus on coaches (last season explored "referees"). I'm told the new season will look at how the concept "has expanded beyond sports in American life and why everyone seems to love coaches." In pursuit of the show's mission, Lewis will feature money coaches, voice coaches and "the coach who changed his life." 

7. The highly anticipated film Frozen 2 drops today, which is why it's the perfect time to begin listening to newly launched six-parter Inside Frozen 2. The show goes behind-the-scenes with the animators, composers and storytellers that bring this grade-schooler fantasy to life. In its first episode, host Ginger Zee of ABC sits down with Oscar-winning songwriters and married couple Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez to find out what it was like to write musical sequels for "Let it Go." 

8. IRL Carrie Coon, who plays a phishing scammer mom in Gimlet Media's new fiction show Motherhacker, is a "practical Midwesterner," given to unpretentious phrases such as "oh gosh," and almost always goes unrecognized. "I just get to move freely throughout the world in my sweatpants and not brush my hair and nobody gives me a second look, and I love it like that," says the accomplished TV and film actor (The Leftovers, Gone Girlin an interview with Uproxx. The podcast star also reveals that she started her career doing Shakespeare theater, landed her first TV role as an undercover cop in Playboy Club, and is a new mom herself. 

8. "We curse sometimes, we cough and sneeze, we say the wrong thing." That's Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Lane DeGregory talking candidly about what it's been like to make 100 episodes of WriteLane, and what she's learned during the process. "We want it to feel like a conversation, over drinks, in your living room. If it’s too perfect, it just wouldn’t feel right."

9. Ronan Farrow's The Catch and Kill Podcast arrives next week. 

10. The Wall Street Journal is searching for a digital audio producer to "to develop and produce exploratory, narrative, magazine and subject-specific feature podcasts." The winning candidate will have mad writing skills, three years of previous experience working in the audio field, and be proficient in Adobe Audition and Pro Tools software. Apply here.

Enjoy your weekend!

This newsletter was written and curated by podcast junkie and recovered publicist, Skye Pillsbury. Over the years, Skye has crafted digital media strategies for brands like Yahoo! and Microsoft and worked regularly with media outlets such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone and NPR. Skye was famous for 49 minutes when she and her son were featured in an episode of Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight podcast. Follow her on Twitter @SkyePillsbury.

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