Inside SaaS - January 24th, 2019 |

Inside SaaS (Jan 24th, 2019)

The End of Hangouts / Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic / Microsoft on Mac

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1. Google announced when its Hangouts app will be split into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Hangouts' features will slowly be moved from the original app to the two replacements starting in April and ending in October, when the original Hangouts app will be removed as a product, the company said. In 2017, Google announced that its Hangouts software would be phased out — with the chatting elements moving to Chat and the video conferencing moving to Meet. —TECH RADAR 

2. Adobe acquired Allegorithmic, a French software company that develops the Substance software often used in texture creation for video games and movies. The acquisition is a sign of Adobe's efforts to bring 3D design software to its Creative Cloud suite of products, and the company plans to introduce Allegorithmic's software to existing Creative Cloud software. Substance won't be cannibalized however — the popular software will still be offered as standalone products. —TECH CRUNCH 

3. Microsoft Office is now available on the Mac App Store. Microsoft's line of productivity software was already compatible with Apple's computers, but users had to visit Microsoft's website to access the download. Now, Microsoft is inching away from its sole focus on Windows by starting to offer its products on rival operating systems. The addition of Office to the App Store means Mac users can now receive automatic software updates as well.  —CNET 

4. Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff said artificial intelligence is a "new human right." Benioff made the statement at the World Economic Forum yesterday, stressing his belief that access to artificial intelligence will be another sign of the divide between the rich and the poor. In Benioff's eyes, populations without access to modern AI tech will be "weaker and poorer, less educated and sicker." —TIMES UNION 


Adobe is one of the companies at the forefront of consumer-focused Software as a Service products, but like most tech companies it has humble beginnings. Take a look at the history of Adobe's first product, PostScript, courtesy of Peer Pressure. 

5. McAfee and Google teamed up to add additional security to smart home products. —TECH RADAR 

6. Adobe announced its executive VP and general manager of digital experience Brad Rencher will be stepping down. —ASSOCIATED PRESS 

7. Google is removing unvetted apps from its Google Play store that can access call history and chat messages. —TECH CRUNCH 

8. Slack can be an incredibly useful piece of software for the modern workplace, but it can also be distracting. Here's how to stay on track with the service. —WIRED 

9. Microsoft acquired the open-source database company Citus Data. —CNBC 

10. Google introduced four new Google Cloud certifications for developers and engineers. —SEARCH CLOUD COMPUTING 

Written and curated by Sean Wolfe. He is a tech reporter based in Brooklyn, New York, and has previously worked at Business Insider and GIE Media. Follow him on Twitter at @seanthomaswolfe.

Editing team: Lon Harris (editor-in-chief at, game-master at Screen Junkies), Krystle Vermes (Breaking news editor at Inside, B2B marketing news reporter, host of the "All Day Paranormal" podcast), and Susmita Baral (editor at Inside, recent bylines in NatGeo, Teen Vogue, and Quartz. Runs the biggest mac and cheese account on Instagram).

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