Inside SaaS - February 14th, 2019 |

Inside SaaS (Feb 14th, 2019)

Slack's Block Kit / More WordPress Plugin Problems / Microsoft's Long Windows Test

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1. Slack is launching two new tools for its platform, Block Kit and Block Kit Builder, meant to improve some visualization within the app and to streamline the third party app-building process. Block Kit will allow developers to avoid some of the formatting issues that come with third-party additions to app, as demonstrated in the below image. —TECH CRUNCH 

2. Shortly after reports arose of a vulnerable WordPress plugin that allowed hackers to take over WordPress sites, another plugin was revealed to allow hackers to divert traffic to other web pages. In a report published by Wordfence, researchers detailed how the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder allowed hackers to divert user traffic — and revealed that the issue was noticed and patched by the developers without disclosure. —ZDNET 

3. Microsoft is testing a Windows 10 update that it doesn't plan to release until next year, in an abnormal move for the company. Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program at Microsoft, said the update requires more attention and testing than the usual updates Microsoft releases about twice per year. Microsoft hasn't made any announcements concerning the contents of the update. —THE VERGE 

4. Google is launching its Google Hire platform outside of the US for the first time, introducing the recruitment tool to the UK and Canada. The company released Google Hire in the US in 2017, and the delay for its introduction to other English-speaking countries seems to be partially related to GDPR compliance. Google Hire integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar, and is meant to streamline the job application and recruitment process. —9 TO 5 GOOGLE 


Salesforce is one of the biggest names in Saas — take a look through its history, courtesy of Salesforce Ben, from its humble beginnings as a San Francisco startup through its rise to the tech giant it is today. 

5. Microsoft is planning a day-long launch event for the release of its Visual Studio 2019 developer platform on April 2. —ZDNET 

6.  As Adobe's stock nears its previous all-time high of $277, Yahoo Finance says it might be time to sell. —YAHOO FINANCE 

7. Ranking at #4 on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list, Workday says it takes its diversity seriously — the company has a data-driven dashboard that breaks down demographics and pay among the company's employees, allowing the company to quickly notice and address any diversity issues. —FORTUNE 

8. Adobe is rolling out a new version of its Experience Manager content managment system, which adds "smart tags" for videos, support for any size of digital display, visual search, and "smart" viodeo cropping. —VENTURE BEAT 

9. Salesforce is launching a Social Determination tool for its Health Cloud platform meant to identify patients who need additional help. —CNBC 

10. DropBox has now completed its acquisition of HelloSign, a digital signature platform. —MARTECH SERIES 

In the previous edition of Inside SaaS, a news story about a government contract with the shipping container company called DropBox was mistakingly linked to the file-hosting company DropBox. The file-hosting serice did not receive a government contract. We regret this error. 

Written and curated by Sean Wolfe. He is a tech reporter based in Brooklyn, New York, and has previously worked at Business Insider and GIE Media. Follow him on Twitter at @seanthomaswolfe.

Editing team: Lon Harris (editor-in-chief at, game-master at Screen Junkies) and Susmita Baral (editor at Inside, recent bylines in NatGeo, Teen Vogue, and Quartz. Runs the biggest mac and cheese account on Instagram).

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