Inside SaaS - March 19th, 2019

Inside SaaS (Mar 19th, 2019)

Google Stadia / Microsoft Teams Anniversary / Adobe's Power Consolidation

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1. Google announced Stadia, a video game-streaming service that removes the need for a powerful gaming PC or console. Stadia will be compatible with TVs, computers with Chrome, and mobile phones through the use of Google's proprietary WiFi-based gamepad. Google said the service will launch later this year, but didn't release any pricing details. —CNET 

2. On the two year anniversary of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft introduced a package of new features for the workplace chat service. The update to Teams includes a background-blurring effect similar to Skype's, and a feature that will automatically hide the body of someone writing on a whiteboard, allowing viewers to see everything written behind the person's body. Additionally, Microsoft added live captions to meetings and Live Events, which allows companies to broadcast interactive meetings to up to 10,000 people. —THE VERGE 

3. Adobe has a strong hold over the creative software realm, and that consolidated power could be troubling says Motherboard's Ernie SmithFor many of Adobe's Creative Cloud products, there aren't enough viable alternatives that can compete, Smith argues. The result is a powerful company, albeit with highly-effective software, that can charge almost any fee it desires for its subscription-based software that's essential to many fields of creative work. —MOTHERBOARD 

4. Adobe and Moleskine partnered to create the $35 Moleskine Paper Tablet, which mirrors users' drawings in a notebook to Illustrator in real time. After pairing with Moleskine's Pen+ Ellipse stylus through Bluetooth, the user just needs to draw on the tablet's page, and the drawings will be translated into Illustrator vectors that can be further tinkered with on a computer. —FAST COMPANY 

5. Google will shut down its Inbox email service on April 2, and is prompting users to make the switch over to Gmail. —MASHABLE 

6. Slack introduced the 'enterprise key management' tool which allows enterprises to create encryption keys through Amazon’s Key Management Service to protect company files, data, and conversations sent in the messaging app. —VENTURE BEAT 

7. Google Drive's 'Priority' page, which uses AI to determine which files the user is likely to access, is coming to G Suite. —ANDROID POLICE 

8. Salesforce introduced some machine learning-based features to its customer support system that can assist customer support specialists as they deal with customers. —TECH CRUNCH 

9. Google updated the 'Tasks' feature on G-Suite, allowing users to import their reminders from Gmail, Calendar, and Assistant. —ENGADGET 

10. HP and Zoom are partnering to create "HP Zoom Rooms" that combine Zoom's video conferencing and HP's Elite Slice PCs. —ZDNET

Written and curated by Sean Wolfe. He is a tech reporter based in Brooklyn, New York, and has previously worked at Business Insider and GIE Media. Follow him on Twitter at @seanthomaswolfe.

Editing team: Managing editor Kim Lyons, a Pittsburgh-based journalist with recent bylines in the NYTimes and Columbia Journalism Review and editor Susmita Baral with recent bylines in NatGeo, Teen Vogue, and Quartz.

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