Inside SaaS - July 10th, 2019 |

Inside SaaS (Jul 10th, 2019)

Dropbox's 100GB service / Zoom security flaw exposes Mac users / Samsung makes first India investments

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1. Dropbox plans to launch a new feature that will allow users to send up to 100GB of files at once. The cloud-storage platform announced that through this new service, called Dropbox Transfer, users will be able to send up to 100GB of files through a link, even to non-Dropbox users. This breakthrough service is currently in testing, but when launched would greatly remove the limitations of most email services, which usually only allow up to 25BG of files to be sent. -- TECH RADAR

2. A Zoom security flaw exposed Mac users to possible video hijacking. Researcher Jonathan Leitschuh revealed in a Medium post on Monday that he found a vulnerability in Zoom that could allow hackers to force users to remotely join calls with their cameras on. Zoom defended the issue by claiming that the vulnerability had been fixed and was initially used as a "workaround" to improve user experience for Safari 12. However, on late Tuesday, Zoom said it would begin releasing a patch for the issue, which can be fixed by entering into the app's settings and changing your preferences to turn off your video when joining a meeting. -- BUSINESS INSIDER

3. ON THE CUSP: Slack could get pushed aside by Microsoft Teams the same way that Facebook crushed Snapchat. According to data from market research firm ETS, Slack's market share growth "is mostly flat, adoption rates are declining, and a bigger portion of these companies indicate they plan on leaving the service." On the other hand, Microsoft Teams, a competing workplace chat application, is "seeing increased market share, relatively higher adoption rates, and low rates of defection."

Following Slack's direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange last month, a leaked memo from Microsoft unveiled that the software company has banned using the competing workplace messaging app on grounds that it was not secure. Analysts speculate, however, that this company-wide ban was a preemptive shot in a battle that Microsoft is planning to overtake Slack. According to TechCrunch, Microsoft had once planned to buy out Slack three years ago. Seeing as how that did not pan out, the software giant appears to now be "copying its way into popularity," a similar strategy Facebook used to battle the rise of Snapchat. -- VOX

4. Atlassian is now worth $34.8 billion, making it more valuable than Australia's largest telecom company, Telstra. The boom in net worth for the SaaS company comes after a strong growth streak on Wall Street, which saw Atlassian's share price double over the past year to $138.80. According to The Australian, Atlassian is now one of Australia's largest companies and on the road to overtake some of the nation's top banks. -- NEWS.COM.AU

5. There's a growing trend of giant SaaS firms acquiring business analytics companies. Last month, Salesforce decided to acquire data visualization company Tableau in a $15.7 billion buyout, the largest in the company's history, punctuating a return to a consolidation phase in big data for the SaaS industry. Salesforce's move was quickly followed by Google's $2.6 billion acquisition of data firm Looker, which was its largest purchase since its 2014 acquisition of Nest. Earlier in the month, analytics provider Log Analytics bought big data visualization vendor, Zoomdata. -- FORBES

6. Microsoft will open its first retail store in Europe on Thursday to continue expanding its global physical presence. The new store on Regent Street in London will become the third global flagship destination for the software giant, adding to the other two major stores in New York and Sydney. Despite making sales from predominantly online channels, Microsoft is joining the ranks of SaaS companies such as Amazon and Xiaomi that are choosing to grow a brick-and-mortar footprint in order to complement online sales. -- CNN

7. Enterprise cloud-computing vendor ServiceNow will make its full platform available on Microsoft Azure. The new partnership is a significant expansion to the companies' exisiting partnership. As part of the deal, ServiceNow will name Miscrsoft Azure as "part of its preferred cloud platform for certain highly regulated industries." In return, Microsoft said it will now launch ServiceNow's IT & Employee Workflow products across its own businesses. -- ZDNET

8. Square's share price jumped 5 percent yesterday following rosy B2B growth analysis. The positive stock performance marks a u-turn for Square, which has had a rough time on Wall Street following bearish comments in January. This brighter outlook for Square comes as the company's business-focused debit card is being noticed as a potential new gateway for revenue growth. -- MARKET WATCH 

9. Investment tech platform Jacobi has raised $7.7 million in additional seed round funding. The US- and Australia-based portfolio management company is now considering making a listing on the Australia Stock Exchange, inspired by the recent high-profile tech listings made by Slack and Zoom. The company's Australian founders moved to California in 2015 in search of tech funding, a move which is now paying off. -- SMART COMPANY 

10. Samsung has made its first-ever series of venture capital investments in India. Through Samsung Venture, the investment arm of the South Korean tech giant, Samsung is backing Indus OS, an Android OS and popular Indian app marketplace, with an $8.5 million investment, along with three other Indian SaaS companies. Samsung is the latest of a growing list of tech titans that have started invested big in India, including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. -- TECHCRUNCH

This newsletter is written and curated by Justin Calderón. Justin is based out of Barcelona, Spain, and has covered technology and SaaS news for a variety of publications, including the BBC and Newsweek. Follow him on Twitter at @justinfuyun

Editing team: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside), David Stegon (senior editor at Inside, whose reporting experience includes cryptocurrency and technology), and Bobby Cherry (senior editor at Inside, who’s always on social media).

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