Inside San Francisco - August 18th, 2016

Inside San Francisco (Aug 18th, 2016)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has rejected a housing preference plan, claiming it could “limit equal access to housing and perpetuate segregation.” The San Francisco Board of Supervisors had passed the plan in December of last year. It would have set aside 40 percent of all new subsidized housing for qualified people already living in the area. – SFC

A new report from AppFolio claims that San Francisco is on track for a 3.7% growth in rent costs for 2016. Furthermore, AppFolio vice president Nat Kunes is not forecasting in a large decline in the future. "I’m in the camp that says [a decline] is probably not going to happen," said Kunes. "Even with supply leveling out, you’re more likely going to see just years of small growth: four percent, two percent.” – CURBED

BART will be prototyping a bacteria-eating enzyme misting system at Civic Center Station to keep elevator shafts clean. This will be a part of its “Elevator Flooring Replacement” project, created to improve the safety, appearance and cleanliness of 80 BART elevators. Crews will be working on up to three elevators per week, and the project is expected to be finished by April 2017. – BART

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A study conducted by UC San Francisco suggests that negative childhood experiences are associated with the mental health outcomes of homeless adults. Researchers looked at 350 homeless adults 50 and older who lived in Oakland between July 2013 and June 2014. “We can’t provide causality, but [what we saw was] an amazingly strong association between the number of early childhood adversities and your current mental health outcomes,” said Dr. Margot Kushel, the study’s lead author. – SFE

The Salute Restaurant in Richmond that was facing eviction due to a sewer leak has been saved, thanks to a neighborhood rally. Menbere Aklilu, the owner of the 14-year-old restaurant, did not have the money to make repairs. Richmond mayor Tom Butt set up a fund to raise money for the restaurant, which has now received a second chance after fixing the leak. – ABC7

Designer Julie Chang’s proposal for a mural at the soon-to-be renovated BART station in Downtown Berkeley has been approved by officials. The design includes flowers and pulls from common themes seen in English wallpaper. It also includes patterns from Scandinavian, Chinese, and Native American cultures. “If you look at the history of Berkeley, it’s been so much about inclusive and diversity and just melding, more so than many other cities,” said Chang. – DC

The days of lounging in the country club as a sign of your social status may be gone, but one exclusive club on Geary Boulevard is resurrecting the concept – at least for cannabis users. In a piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, Carolyne Zinko explores the new Harvest private room and members-only club.

Charcoal-gray walls and polished concrete floors welcome members as soon as they walk into the exclusive area of Harvest, according to Zinko. Brown leather couches, arm chairs, and Oriental rugs are also reportedly scattered around the room for comfort.

To get into Harvest, or any other medical cannabis dispensary, patients must have a recommendation from a doctor for medical cannabis. From here, they can apply to become a member of the club, and all applications are screened by founder Marty Higgins and his team.

He has promised to be as “inclusionary as possible,” but told Zinko that he has standards. Criminal records are checked during the application process.


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Good for Getting Down: Manila Killa and Sofi Tukker (DJ Set) will be at 1015 Fosom (1015 Folsom St. San Francisco) on Friday, Aug. 19 at 10 p.m. The music showcase will also feature Innanet James, Abhimanyu, Yugi Boi and Kev. Presale tickets start at $20.00. “The venue makes great choices on which DJs and producers they have come in and play.” Dru B., – Yelp

Fun for the Fam: The 2016 Festival of the Sea will be held at the Hyde Street Pier (2905 Hyde St., San Francisco) on Saturday, Aug. 20, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Family activities and traditional musical acts will be held. The event is free. “The folks who work here answered our questions and showed us the vessels with great knowledge in period costumes! A family must!” – Paula B., Facebook

For Python Lovers: The PyBay Regional Conference in San Francisco will be taking place Aug. 19 through Aug. 21 at USCF Mission Bay (1675 Owens Street, San Francisco). The event will feature several guest speakers and “Hacker Lounges” for networking. Tickets start at $150.00.

San Francisco police are looking for a couple that have been allegedly vandalizing buildings in the Cow Hollow neighborhood with graffiti. Security footage recently captured them in action at an apartment building on Greenwich and Fillmore.

China Beach was temporarily closed on Monday night after an arsonist supposedly lit portable toilets on fire. The fire caused approximately $30,000 in damage.

A man walking his dog on Pier 14 on Tuesday discovered a backpack full of what appeared to be human bones. An official from the coroner’s office investigated the scene, and no further details are available at this time.


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