Inside San Francisco - October 4th, 2016

Inside San Francisco (Oct 4th, 2016)

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is reviewing a proposal to annex the entire city of Brisbane. As of late, the city – which has a population of more than 4,000 people – has been under scrutiny for attempting to develop a 684-acre plot of land with no housing in its plans. “I grant you, the notion of exploring annexing Brisbane is provocative,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who is sponsoring the resolution. “But, then again, the statements of the elected officials in Brisbane are provocative, too. What comes around, goes around.” – SFC

The drive across the Bay Bridge has topped the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s list of the worst Bay Area commutes. Since 2010, the amount of time that Bay Area drivers have spent in freeway congestion has increased 70 percent. “Congestion delay” was defined by experts as driving at speeds of 35 mph or less. The 6-mile afternoon drive from northbound Highway 101 through San Francisco to eastbound Interstate 80 at the Yerba Buena Tunnel was No. 1 on the list, followed by the westbound I-80 drive from Highway 4 in Hercules to Highway 101 in San Francisco. – SFG

A SoMa deli owner’s photos, highlighting the neighborhood’s drug problems, have started to go viral online. In an image from this weekend, Adam Mesnick shows individuals shooting heroin in broad daylight. Mesnick, who owns the Deli Board, believes the drug issues in the neighborhood have gotten worse. "It's hard to thrive and cook and do something that you're completely passionate about and love, when you're sort of watching a little bit of an urban decay," he said. – SFG

The Zeitgeist bar and grill in San Francisco is under fire after allegedly kicking Donald Trump supporters out of the building. Peter Belau and Jascha Sundaresan, who were wearing Trump-oriented T-shirts, said the bartender was hostile toward them and said, “We don’t serve bigots.” Then, two bouncers supposedly threw them out. A manager at Zeitgeist, who did not want to be identified, claimed that “the incident in question occurred due to the individual interacting inappropriately with one of our bartenders.” – ABC7

Oakland is the eighth best city in the U.S. for gamers, according to Trulia and Ookla. The companies produced the list to help gamers hone in on “gaming metros” that excel in terms of internet latency, download rates, home affordability, and proximity to “gaming-related stores.” Oakland, which has a median home price of $648,950, ranks high based on its internet speeds. – TBI

Google revealed its new Pixel smartphone at its product event in San Francisco today. The phone, which has a starting price of $649, will come in two different versions – one will have a 5-inch screen, while another will have a 5.5-inch screen. Google has also stated that it will first exclusively launch the phone with Verizon Communications in the U.S. – GUARDIAN

Watch a Dance Performance: The Axis Dance Company will be performing on Friday, Oct. 7 at noon at San Francisco City Hall (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco). The group has just finished a 15-city tour and will give viewers a sample of their art. The event is free. “Comprised of dancers with and without disabilities, Axis has become one of the foremost companies in the United States, with a top-notch repertoire.” – Leba Hertz, SF Gate

For Dreamforce Attendees: The #DF16 Cigar Party will be hosted at the Cigar Bar and Grill (850 Montgomery Street, San Francisco) between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7. Stop by for an afternoon of networking, drinks, and of course, cigars. Attendees can register for free.

See Food in a New Light: “Seared” at the San Francisco Playhouse (450 Post St, San Francisco) is a play based on the story of a man named Harry, who is responsible for managing the kitchen of a hectic Brooklyn restaurant. Shows will be performed through Nov. 12, and tickets begin at $20.00. “Think of watching ‘Seared’ as like seeing — and smelling! — a live Food Network show that also has flavorful characters and zesty dialogue.” – Lily Janiak, SF Gate
Five members of an alleged state-wide online child porn distribution group have been arrested by San Francisco police. The suspects are Gary Waite, age 38 of San Francisco; Danica Morais, age 34 of San Francisco; Lorenzo Brown, age 36 of San Francisco; Justyn Tomblyn, age 35 of Los Angeles and Michael Brown, age 42 of Sacramento. The investigation itself has been going on since March.
A woman in her 60s was found suffering from a stab wound on Sunday afternoon on the 2600 block of California Street in Pacific Heights. She was taken to the hospital where she eventually died. A 59-year-old man was arrested in connection with the stabbing, but neither the suspect nor victim’s names have been released.

The San Francisco kayaker found dead in the San Francisco Bay this weekend has been identified as 37-year-old Filip Anderson. The Coast Guard discovered his body on Sunday south of the San Mateo Bridge. Two of his companions had reported him missing over the weekend.
Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference brings out thousands of people from around the globe to network and discuss all things sales and tech. However, there is a part of the event dedicated to “the little guys” in the business world as well – Startup Valley.

Salesforce features approximately 30 startups in a section of their venue each year to highlight some of the hottest upcoming businesses in the industry. This week at 2016 Dreamforce, Salesforce is introducing a new incubator for startups to take its investment in entrepreneurs to the next level.

The incubator was announced earlier this summer at TrailheadDX, Salesforce’s developer conference. The goal of the incubator is to provide startups with a workspace where they can collaborate and interact within the Salesforce ecosystem.

“Paying homage to our roots as a SaaS pioneer, our first batch will focus on SaaS companies built utilizing the Salesforce App Cloud,” said Julia Barrett, Salesforce’s startup relations head, discussing how incubator candidates will be selected.

The initial batch of startups chosen for the incubator will be named on Friday, Oct. 7, but even for those who aren't selected, there is plenty to gain from Startup Valley. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch to investors, including Mark Cuban, and gain more insight into Salesforce’s resources throughout the conference.

In the least, they’ll get to attend some after-parties, where there are plenty of chances to mingle with the business industry’s elite.

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