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Inside San Francisco (Oct 24th, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast is rain with a high/low of 66/57 F. Wednesday will be mostly sunny with a high/low of 66/54 F.
San Francisco will conduct a study to learn more about how it could provide broadband internet access to residents across the city. The Department of Technology will lead the initiative, which will take place over the course of four months. A 2015 budget analyst support found that 100,000 of San Francisco residents do not have internet access. “No other big city the size of San Francisco has engaged in this ambitious a project,” said Brian Roberts, policy analyst with the Department of Technology. “Many features of this project would be new.” – SFE

Muni Metro riders will soon have more room on their morning commute. The SFMTA has announced that beginning Monday, Nov. 7, two extra one-car trains will run during the morning rush between the Embarcadero and West Portal stations. The goal is to reduce overcrowding. “We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get on a packed Muni train,” said the SFMTA’s Aaron Bialick. – SFMTA

St. Francis Lutheran Church on 152 Church Street is celebrating its 110th birthday. The historic church was created by Danish immigrants who raised funds for its construction in the early 1900s. Over the years, the church has openly supported the gay community, including gay and lesbian clergy members. “Whatever happens, we as a church are here to love each other and to care for our neighbors, whoever those neighbors may be,” says Pastor Bea Chun. – HL

Three men wearing “creepy clown” masks were seen by security guards this weekend at the Westfield San Francisco Centre. The men reportedly had a gun, and they exited the mall before the security officials could approach them. The police department was notified of the incident, and the suspects remain at large. Earlier this month, a “creepy clown” was spotted on a Muni bus. – SFE

  • Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says that the city will soon have a more permanent plan to keep the Oakland Raiders, rather than allowing the NFL to relocate the team to Nevada. "I believe that in partnership with Alameda County and the team Ronnie Lott has assembled, we can offer a serious plan in the coming weeks that is fair to the Raiders, the league, the fans and the Oakland taxpayers to whom I am most responsible," she said in a statement.
  • Rapper Kanye West performed for two hours on Saturday night at the Oracle Arena. He rapped some of his fans’ favorite songs – old and new – on a “floating” stage that moved above the crowd throughout the event. “I’m not crazy; I’m brave,” he said to the audience. “A crazy person couldn’t do all of this.”
  • The Black Panther Party celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday with a gala dinner, which included Danny Glover as the keynote speaker. "There's a gladness and a sadness because so many that started off are not here," said former member Saturu Ned. "So it's very hard for us to take accolades and people pat us on our back because we're saying the work still needs to be done."
Plug into the Tech Scene: The Tech Inclusion 2016: Conference, Career Fair & Startup Showcase will be held from Wednesday, Oct. 26 through Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Palace of Fine Arts (3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco). Some of the speakers include Steve Huffman (Reddit), Dustin Moskovitz (Asana) and Mary Grove (Google). Registration starts at $299.00.

Start Antiquing: The San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show begins on Wednesday, Oct. 26 and continues through Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Festival Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center (2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco). Paintings, furniture, textiles and photography are just some of the many items that will be for sale. General admission starts at $15.00. “An impressive show glittering with gold throughout.” – Joanna T., Yelp
Hear Some ‘Bad’ Theories: The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAH!) will be held on Friday, Oct. 28 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. PDT at the Castro Theatre (429 Castro St., San Francisco). Join six speakers who present comical, incorrect scientific theories in front of a live audience. Available tickets start at $20.00. “Do you laugh out loud when you encounter headlines about health or science topics that are unsupported by scientific evidence? Then you will like the humor of BAHFest.” – Jane Langille, medical health journalist
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