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Inside San Francisco (Oct 27th, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast is rainy with a high/low of 63/55 F. Saturday will be showers with a high/low of 64/57 F.

The Department of Building Inspection is trying to shame people into improving their buildings’ earthquake safety. Notices reading “earthquake warning” were posted on dozens of buildings across the city, urging owners to come up with a plan to withstand the next quake. Director Tom Hui said only 40% of buildings are compliant with earthquake standards. - CBS LOCAL

A top Chinese sailor who departed San Francisco to attempt a record-breaking solo voyage is missing at sea. Guo Chuan was hoping to arrive in Shanghai in 18 days, but he lost radio contact with officials in China and hasn’t been heard from since Monday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. A search plane found Guo’s boat but saw no sign of the sailor on deck. - SFGATE

George Lucas has put forward a silvery cloud-shaped design for his proposed museum on Treasure Island. The futuristic Lucas Museum of Narrative Art would be about 270,000 square feet, three times larger than an earlier temple design that Lucas wanted to build in the Presidio. He has yet to decide whether he will build in San Francisco or take a site offered to him in Los Angeles. Local officials say they’re optimistic that any potential issues with the setting can be resolved. - SFGATE

Beauty subscription service Ipsy will be hosting San Francisco’s first-ever Generation Beauty. The two-day convention will be hosted at Pier 27 at the Embarcadero on Nov. 5 and 6, and will feature popular stylists like Ipsy co-founder Michelle Phan, Gabriel Zamora, LustreLux and Desi Perkins. Visitors can get makeovers, beauty tips, up-and-coming products and a swag bag with over $200 of treats. - NBC

  • The Justice Department is charging 61 people for their alleged involvement in IRS and other scams, including one that extorted $136,000 from a victim in Hayward who was called multiple times over 20 days. Twenty people were arrested in the United States, and 32 people and five call centers in India were charged. The defendants were allegedly involved in a sophisticated scheme where they impersonated IRS or Immigration officials and threatened victims with fines or deportation if they did not pay.
  • A Hayward man was seriously injured after being hit by a car as he was walking across a freeway on-ramp. The California Highway Patrol said the 47-year-old was apparently outside the crosswalk at the bottom of the on-ramp to I-880 when he was struck by a Nissan turning from Tennyson. He was taken to Eden Hospital by ambulance.
  • A giant fighting robot being built in Hayward will square off against another robot in Japan. Robotics team Megabots, which has a popular YouTube series, has upgraded their Mark 3 with new hand-to-hand weaponry for their upcoming duel with the Japanese team. Co-founder Matt Oehrlein said they eventually want to see robots battle it out in stadiums in front of 60,000 people.   

Rasputina will be performing live at The Chapel on October 28 for their “Thanks for the Ether” 20th Anniversary Tour. The group will be celebrating with a special show of songs reworked with dueling cellos, piano, and beat box. 

San Francisco Zoo & Garden’s popular “Boo at the Zoo” event is happening on October 29 & 30. Dress up in costume with your kids and enjoy the Costume Parade and Contest, watch the animals eat pumpkins and other Halloween-themed treats, and go trick-or-treating throughout the zoo. 

West Coast punk band Bad Religion is teaming up with Against Me! featuring trans musician Grace for a concert at Dave House on Sunday, October 30. Tickets range from $29.50 to $40.00. 

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