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Inside San Francisco (Oct 28th, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast is partly cloudy with a high/low of 66/58 F. Sunday will bring rain with a high/low of 64/52 F.

A 17-year-old who allegedly participated in a shooting at June Jordan High School last week has been charged with attempted murder. Though witnesses reported seeing four suspects fleeing the scene of the shooting, which left four students injured, only two teenagers were arrested, and only one suspect has been charged. – CBSLOCAL 

A big rig crash blocked much of the lower deck of the Bay Bridge this morning, snarling traffic throughout the city. At around 5 a.m., the truck crashed into a left side wall near the San Francisco side of the bridge, causing it to jackknife across several lanes, leaving only one open for passing cars. There were further delays in clearing the scene because of the possibility of a fuel leak, and the inability of a conventional tow truck to move the big rig. – SFGATE

A San Francisco County Jail program teaching inmates about computer science and coding has proved so successful, it will roll out to other jails starting next week. Five Keys Charter School opened within the San Francisco Jail 13 years ago, with the goal of giving inmates a shot at earning a diploma. A new program utilizes the "Code Combat" learning platform, introducing students to the Python and Javascript programming languages. So far, all the enrolled inmates have been women. – ABC7

San Francisco-based architect Jenna Ruth, who designed a number of notable Silicon Valley workspaces, shared her favorite local haunts with Forbes. Ruth says she takes inspiration from the Bay Area's "incredible natural beauty against its urban charm," and singles out family-style restaurant The Progress, the Dogpatch district's Minnesota Street Project creative space and the Flora Grubb Gardens among other SF highlights. – FORBES

In what's been called "the most San Francisco crime ever," a Tesla was vandalized with graffiti reading "211," a possible reference to the company's stock price. The same day the writing was observed and posted to Twitter, Tesla's stock was indeed trading at $211. However, it has also been suggested that 211 could reference a gang number, or the penal code designation, which means "felony robbery." – SFGATE

  • Following a one-week self-imposed ban on parties, enacted after two women reported incidents of sexual assault at off-campus fraternity houses, UC Berkeley's Greek System will resume social events, but with new guidelines, including "sober monitors" and introductory discussions about consent.
  • Over 80 Berkeley residents contacted independent paper Berkeleyside in October alone to complain about local mail delivery service. Common issues include late night, mistaken or skipped deliveries, poor customer service and faked delivery attempts.
  • Three of the eight candidates for Berkeley mayor - all former City Council members - will participate in a forum focused on neighborhood preservation and growth on November 2nd. Jesse Arreguin, Laurie Capitelli and Kriss Worthington will get five minutes each to respond to questions about Berkeley's cultural and historic heritage, and uniting developers and community members around specific proposals.

Join a Flash Mob: Local dance company ConfiDance Fitness will be throwing "Thriller"-themed flash mobs all around the city on Sunday, including a large gathering at the Westfield San Francisco Centre at 3 pm. They also regularly hold classes where you can learn the zombie dance moves, if you want to participate! If you are looking for a fun and sexy way to get fit, Shonna's classes are for you! - Desiree P., Yelp

Dress Up and Dash: Sunday also marks the 5th annual SF Mad Dash 5K Halloween Costume Run through Golden Gate Park, kicking off at 9:30 am. Whether or not you actually participate in the run, anyone can join the afterparty at the Polo Field Stables, featuring a costume contest, food trucks and music. All proceeds benefit the Sunset Cooperative Nursery School.

Eat Dinner in a Haunted House: The Payne Mansion on Sutter St. plays host for the city's first Haunted House meets Pop-Up Dinner. You'll enjoy a spooky four-course meal served by zombies while enjoying a Halloween revue show featuring singing, dancing and contortionists. Seatings are at 7 pm and 10 pm. The full meal and show will run you $150 per person. 

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