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Inside San Francisco (Nov 14th, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast is mostly cloudy with a high/low of 66/55 Fahrenheit. Wednesday will be cloudy with a high/low of 62/52 Fahrenheit.

The Municipal Transportation Agency is set to discuss a report on Tuesday, which claims that altering the city’s existing shuttle system may create more traffic. The current system is facing complaints from residents who believe the shuttles create additional traffic by clogging city streets. However, a report conducted by the MTA and San Francisco County Transportation Authority suggests that limiting shuttle access would cause riders to return to their own cars, leading to increased traffic on city streets and highways. – SFG

Developers digging near the Old Ship Saloon in the Financial District have unearthed remnants of a ship dating back to the Gold Rush era. The Arkansas was parked in the Bay Area shortly after it arrived in San Francisco in 1849. Because it was in poor shape, it was left to rot away in place, where it was eventually enveloped by a landfill. An earthquake and fire also ravaged the area in the early 1900s, further hiding the ship remnants. There are thought to be 42 other ships that met a similar fate beneath the city. – HL

More than 100 people met at Dolores Park in the Mission neighborhood on Saturday to lift their spirits following the U.S. presidential election. Attendees joined together for a group hug and sang peaceful music. "After the election, I had a lot of friends who were upset," said Samantha Patterson, 44, who organized the event. "I was upset. There was so much anger, and I wanted to give everyone a hug. Compassion can't be taken from us. Compassion can be shared." – HL

Parts of Market Street were shut down on Sunday night as protests over the election of Donald Trump continued in San Francisco. Protesters shouted, “Not my president!” and other slogans throughout the evening. However, not everyone was pleased with the demonstrations. "We've got to deal with what we've got," said Charles Brown, 19, who called the protesters “a bunch of crybabies.” – SFG

A Bay Area woman is being credited with saving the life of an ailing gray squirrel in Sausalito. Brisia Alamilla came across the animal struggling to cross the road a few weeks ago, and immediately brought it to WildCare animal clinic in San Rafael where she works as a caregiver. After weeks at WildCare, the squirrel fully recovered from his injuries, which were thought to be from a car. “I’m so relieved,” said Alamilla. “I feel amazing.” – EBT

Lafayette historical novelist Hilary Benford continues to receive praise for her latest book, “Sister of the Lionheart: A Novel in the Time of the Crusades.” Although it takes place in the Middle Ages, Benford says the life choices her characters need to make resonate with readers. “It was hard to discipline myself once I picked up the book,” said reader Norma Shah, who couldn’t put it down. “There’s something about it that really resonates in this day and age,” added reader Pam Schroeder. Benford will be holding a book signing on Nov. 18 at the Hillside Complex in Walnut Creek. – EBT

  • Students at Oakland Technical High School walked out of class at 9 a.m. PT today to protest U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. They marched down Broadway, and they intend to hold a rally later today with other students in the Bay Area. This story is developing.
  • The Oakland International Airport is preparing to open its first luxury lounge area for visitors his month. Called the Escape Lounge, passengers from any airline will be able to access the area for $45.00. There will be internet access, as well as unlimited food and beverages.
  • Four men were wounded within a two-and-a-half hour period on Sunday night, according to Oakland police. All of the victims were shot in separate incidents, but survived the attacks. Police are now offering up to $5,000 in each shooting for information that may lead to the arrest of suspects.

Get Your Metallica Tickets: Metallica has announced that it will be performing a special show at the Fox Theater (1807 Telegraph Ave, Oakland) on Saturday, Dec. 17. Tickets (up to two per person) will go on sale on Friday, Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. PT for $100.00 each. “Here’s Metallica — all four members are in their early 50s — with a fresh batch of blistering, densely composed songs that take up modern themes like global warming, artificial intelligence and the illusory nature of internet celebrity.” – Mikael Wood, Los Angeles Times

Skate the Day Away: Union Square’s holiday ice rink (333 Post Street, San Francisco) has opened for the season, and it will be open through January 16. Reservations to access the rink for 90 minutes can now be made online ($3.00 - $12.00). Ice skates can also be rented for $6.00.

For Data Scientists: A networking event will be held for data scientists by Indeed on Thursday, Nov. 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. PT. It will be led by Benjamin Link, a data scientist at Indeed, who will discuss full stack data science over food and drinks with attendees. The event is free.

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