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Inside San Francisco (Nov 18th, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast is rainy with a high/low of 62/56 Fahrenheit. Sunday will be showers with a high/low of 61/51 Fahrenheit.

San Francisco officials have confirmed that they have lost hundreds of pages of documents pertaining to the Millennium Tower’s foundation. The tower is currently sinking and tilting due to flaws in its foundation. “Again, it raises more questions than answers,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Top building inspection official Ronald Tom has promised to improve document retention strategies. – NBCBA

Public defender Jeff Adachi is asking the city to fund an initiative designed to hire lawyers for undocumented immigrants. Specifically, he wants city officials to act if the Trump administration carries out mass deportations. "This could include people arrested for traffic violations, for very minor offenses,” said Adachi. “And they could very well end up in deportation proceedings.” He claims that there are about 30,000 undocumented immigrants living in San Francisco. – ABC7

In honor of World Toilet Day on Nov. 19, a large faux toilet will be placed in Hayes Valley. The toilet, measuring 14-by-10 feet, will be located near Proxy SF at Hayes and Octavia. Developed by mobile shower provider Lava Mae, the goal is to raise awareness of the 2.4 billion people around the world who lack access to toilets. “Lava Mae believes that hygiene is a basic human right, and that everyone, everywhere should have access to clean, safe, and reliable sanitation,” said founder and CEO Doniece Sandoval. – HL

The Mission High School teacher who was questioned for a lesson plan deeming President-elect Donald Trump a “racist” and “sexist” man has responded to her critics. “We show the information, we just don’t label people,” said Fakrah Shah. “With Trump, yes, we have gone very straight and very direct to this idea that he is racist. That he is sexist. There is information released with his exact words, saying how to treat women.” The lesson plan has not been adopted by the San Francisco Unified School District. – CBS

Signs with compliments are being posted throughout San Francisco, in the hopes of raising the spirits of locals who come across the positive messages. Messages such as, “Your smile is beautiful” and “You are perfect as you are” can be found on the signs, often taped onto lamp posts. "I did this in response to everything that's been happening in the U.S. and the sadness and fear and I wanted to do something positive in my community," said Anna Sergeeva, 26, who started the initiative. She is now calling it the “Compliment Project.” – SFG

A San Francisco man has been convicted for sexual assault stemming from an incident that occurred back in April. The female victim, who remains unnamed, claims that 39-year-old Edison Bolanos assaulted her after she fell unconscious on April 14. Bolanos was arrested back on April 20 after DNA evidence confirmed the victim’s account. He will be will be sentenced Dec. 8 for oral copulation of an unconscious person. – CBSSF

  • Berkeley interim Police Chief Andrew Greenwood outlined his goals for the coming year while speaking to the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce this week. One of his top priorities will be staffing, as he looks to reach a total of 181 sworn-in officers. “It takes about 15 months to grow an officer,” Greenwood said.
  • The Berkeley City Council has approved the construction of a Verizon Wireless telecommunications facility. It will be on the rooftop of a penthouse at 2750 Dwight Way, and it could have up to 12 antennas. Although not everyone supported the move, “(Verizon) made more than a reasonable good-faith effort to look at more than the required number of alternative locations,” said Councilmember Kriss Worthington.
  • A group of eight Berkeley Unified School District students have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, seeking class-action status. to learn more information about teacher Yvette Felarca. Felarca has been placed on leave after a YouTube video surfaced showing her attacking a demonstrator at a Sacramento Neo-Nazi rally in June.

Catch “The King and I”: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The King and I” is playing at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre (1 Taylor St., San Francisco) through Sunday, Dec. 11. Tickets and showtimes vary. “The show never sags. Just when you think it might, another great song comes along to carry it forward.” – Georgia Rowe, Mercury News

See a Good Movie: The San Francisco Urban Film Fest will continue through Sunday, Nov. 20 (654 Mission St., San Francisco). It concludes this weekend with a marathon of HBO’s “Show Me a Hero." There will be panel discussions and screenings on both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are free.

Enjoy Some Improv: The SF Tonight improv show will be held on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 10:30 p.m. ET (446 Valencia St., San Francisco). Tickets are $5.00. “If you like improv, this is the place! I've been there a couple of times and it's really funny.” – Javier Andres, Yelp

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