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Inside San Francisco (Dec 23rd, 2016)

 Tomorrow's forecast will be sunny with a high/low of 51/42 Fahrenheit. On Sunday, expect partly cloudy skies with a high/low of 51/40 Fahrenheit.

According to meteorologists, there's a small "single-digit" chance the Bay Area could get snow on Christmas Eve. A cold front entering on the heels of today's rainstorm means a slight possibility of snow on Saturday morning, though Golden Gate Weather services expert Jan Null warns that "it would be pretty much here and gone," as Saturday is expected to be mostly sunny. The last legitimate San Francisco snowstorm was in 1976. – SFGATE

Uber will experiment with self-driving cars in Arizona after being ordered off San Francisco roads by the California DMV. Thursday afternoon, the pilot program cars were placed on a convoy of flatbed trucks and transported out of the city, bound for Phoenix. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who signed an executive order supporting self-driving car tests back in 2015, said his state welcomes Uber's program with "open arms" and accused California of "put[ting] the brakes on innovation and change with more bureaucracy and more regulation." – SFGATE

As part of an ongoing series commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, CBS This Morning profiled Presidio Park. The five-minute segment looks at the history of The Presidio, which was founded as a Spanish strategic army post in the 1770s. (The Presidio Officers Club was the first actual San Francisco building.) It features commentary from Michael Boland of the group that manages the grounds, The Presidio Trust. – CBSNEWS

Though new research shows San Francisco is more racially and culturally integrated than a number of other US cities, segregation still exists and many neighborhoods don't reflect the overall city's diversity. As in many other cities, the distribution of different groups in different neighborhoods largely dates back to post-Depression New Deal economic recovery programs. Many such programs specifically privileged white families for mortgages and other real estate financing, creating disparities and physical distance between them and families of color. – SFGATE

A woman was found dead on Baker Beach yesterday afternoon. Though originally reported as a "surf rescue," in fact, fire crews arriving on the scene found the partly-clothed deceased woman's body already on the shore. Cause of death remains under investigation, though it's not believed the woman's body had been in the water for very long. – NBCBAYAREA

New York's popular bi-monthy "Sumo Stew" events are coming to San Francisco, starting in January. The evenings, a collaboration between New York photographer Michael Harlan Turkell and cooking store owner Harry Rosenblum, feature livestreams of grand sumo wrestling tournaments from Japan and preparation of "chankonabe," the rich traditional pre-fight meals enjoyed by the wrestlers themselves. The first SF incarnation will be held at Magnolia Brewing Company's Dogpatch location and will feature charred chicken, chili, egg and sausage chankonabe prepared by chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Motze. – SFIST

  • Ammonia was accidentally released at the city's Bayer Lab facility on Thursday evening, prompting a response from the Berkeley Fire Department and HazMat team. There were no reported injuries, and no ammonia was released into the outside atmosphere during the incident. 
  • The Berkeley College Republican club will be permitted to host controversial Breitbart writer and commentator Milo Yiannopoulos for a February 1 event, provided they agree to help pay for additional security, at a cost of up to $10,000. The school administration claims the request is a standard practice for these kinds of events, though the student organization argues it's evidence of institutional bias.
  • A 1912 Beaux-Arts mansion at 1960 San Antonio Ave. is now the most expensive home for sale in Berkeley, with an asking price of $7.5 million. The 12,000 square foot home offers views of the Bay and San Francisco, and boasts 7 bedrooms.

Laugh along with Ali Wong: The actress and comedian, who recently became the first comic to record a stand-up special while 7 months pregnant, will perform 2 shows at Cobb's Comedy Club tonight and Monday. Tickets are $25.

What's more holiday-appropriate than gospel music?: The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Ensemble's performance at Slim's is a holiday tradition and celebrates "the principles of equality, justice, peace, unity and cooperation." This year's event happens at 6 pm PT on Christmas Eve. Tickets are $15.

Shut up and dance: It's called The Christmas Ballet but Smuin's performance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts folds in a variety of dance traditions and genres, including tap and swing, all set to Christmas carols and other holdiay favorite songs. Tickets range from $25 to $73. 

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