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Inside Seattle (May 21st, 2019)

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  We can expect the sun to come out on Wednesday and Thursday, with a 2-day high/low of 75/54 degrees.

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1. A “high risk” Seattle homeless encampment was shut down on Monday after it was found to have been involved in the distribution of drugs and weapons among the city’s homeless community. The encampment at 10th Avenue South and Dearborn Avenue, which had about 50 tents across three city blocks, was part of a drug bust in which two tenants were served warrants after police found guns and drugs. The city said its Navigation Team is expected to spend the week clearing out the encampment and it will provide shelter and storage for all 30-plus occupants. – MY NORTHWEST

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2. Kirkland-based satellite-communications consultant Peter Lemme spent six hours answering questions about Boeing’s safety certification processes during a criminal probe in front of prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department’s Fraud Section in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. Lemme volunteered for the questioning session upon being issued a grand-jury subpoena for his detailed analysis on the 737 MAX 8 after last October’s Lion Air crash that killed 189 people. The former Boeing flight-controls engineer was ordered to surrender emails and records related to the MAX 8 and asked to describe the “shortcomings” of the jet’s development. – SEATTLE TIMES

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3. By the Numbers: Seattle Mariners regular season home run totals by season

The Seattle Mariners are 50 games into what appears to be yet another lackluster season. After an incredible start, the one attribute of the team that remains intact is the torrid pace at which they are hitting home runs. The M’s are currently on pace to hit 298 home runs this season, which would absolutely shatter the Major League Baseball record of 266 held by the 2018 New York Yankees. In honor of Seattle’s long ball launch party, we will take a look at the team’s regular season home run totals throughout the last decade, as well as those of the top teams of all-time. Looking into the record books will give some context as to why the team’s 92 home runs— not even a third of the way into the 2019 season— is so special.

MLB all-time regular season home run records for a team
1 New York Yankees: 266 (2018)
2 Seattle Mariners: 264 (1997)
3 Texas Rangers: 260 (2005)
T-4 Toronto Blue Jays: 257 (2010)
T-4 Baltimore Orioles: 257 (1996)

Seattle Mariners regular season home run totals and MLB rankings since 2010
2019: 92 (1st-through 50 games)
2018: 176 (17th)
2017: 200 (17th)
2016: 223 (3rd)
2015: 198 (5th)
2014: 136 (15th)
2013: 188 (2nd)
2012: 149 (19th)
2011: 109 (25th)
2010: 101 (30th)
*Season rankings based on 30 MLB teams playing either 162 or 163-games seasons. Teams who play tiebreakers get 163 games.

Every week, we will offer tidbits of information to help you increase your statistical knowledge of all things related to the Pacific Northwest. If you have any interesting stats you'd like to see posted in an upcoming issue of Inside Seattle, reply to this email!

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4. Seattle taxpayers will not be responsible for fronting the bill on rising costs associated with Key Arena renovations for the incoming NHL team. A meeting between NHL Seattle, investors and city council's Select Committee met on Monday to discuss renovation delays amid rising costs that have brought the expected project dues from $600 million to upwards of $930 million. NHL Seattle President Tod Leiweke and OVG construction executive Ken Johnson said the delays and cost increases are due to fact that the Key Arena will become twice its original size, but both acknowledged that residents of the city "would be protected” from paying for additional costs. - MY NORTHWEST

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5. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she’s warming up to the idea of allowing scooter-share services throughout the city, which prompted the Seattle Times to address some of the unknowns, such as safety concerns and liabilities associated with public scooter use.  -SEATTLE TIMES

6. Researchers at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network have detected dozens of tremors that may indicate a ‘slow slip’ in the tectonic plates beneath the Puget Sound region. PNSN scientists do not believe the slip to be a sign of the “big one,” but said it was a “significant” slip. – SEATTLE PI

7. NBC Sports columnist Peter King conducted a survey asking “smart NFL people” how football can be improved, to which Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said removing instant replay would add a more “human element” to officiating. Other respondents added suggestions such as decreasing quarterback protection, increasing roster sizes and not allowing tackle football until high school. – NFL.COM

8. Bellevue-based ID authentication startup Auth0 raised $103 million in a funding round on Monday. The unicorn company founded in 2013 is said to be worth more than $1 billion. – GEEK WIRE

9. Today marks the grand opening of Il Nido, West Seattle’s highly anticipated Italian restaurant operated by James Beard Award-winning chef Mike Easton, the mastermind behind Pioneer Square’s Il Corvo. Il Nido offers homemade pasta dishes with seasonal produce 5 nights per week at the renovated Alki Homestead log cabin. Book a reservation to try some of the city’s most acclaimed Italian cuisine. – SEATTLE MET 

10. Inside Seattle Sound: Neil Young & The Promise of the Real

Legendary freedom rocker Neil Young and his band, The Promise of the Real, are set to play the second show of their two-night set at the historic Paramount Theater tonight. With 50 years of hit records to his name, Young is one of the most influential musicians of all time. Young has become known for his personalized, unpredictable sets, which could very well include mostly new material or b-sides, or he could regale the crowd with just the hits. Either way, one thing that’s certain is the 72-year-old Young gives fans his all during live performances. This is not a show you want to miss! -  THE STRANGER

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