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Inside Seattle (Jun 18th, 2019)

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  We can expect the sun to appear from behind the clouds on Wednesday, with a high/low of 63/51 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is set to make its return on Thursdy, with a high/low of 67/52 degrees Fahrenheit.

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1. Multiple Chinese American veterans who live in Seattle will receive the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor for their military service in World War II. Seattle filmmaker Mimi Gan is creating a documentary that sheds light on the estimated 20,000 Chinese American WWII vets who struggled to gain recognition for their service. Medal ceremonies of over 1,300 vets and their families will take place in Washington, D.C. later this year. – SEATTLE TIMES

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2. The inaugural flight of Boeing’s new 777X Jet has been delayed due to engine issues. During Monday’s Paris Airshow in France, General Electric Aviation executive Bill Fitzgerald told reporters the GE9X engine—the largest plane engine in history—has been fixed, but is still awaiting certification for the triple-7X. Boeing’s newest jet began production in March at the company’s assembly plant in Everett. Fitzgerald added that GE and Boeing expect to “have the plane fly by the end of the year.” – SEATTLE TIMES

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3. By the Numbers: Attendance at Seattle Mariners Home Games
The Seattle Mariners are in last place in the American League West after a promising start to the season. This week the team hosts the Kansas City Royals (last place in the AL Central) and the Baltimore Orioles (last place in the AL East), who both have worse records than the Mariners. Seattle Times reporter Ryan Divish explored the possibility of the Mariners setting a dubious record for the lowest single-game attendance at home in franchise history in one of these upcoming games. We are now going to take a look at the M’s total home game attendance per season over the last decade, as well as their highest and lowest attendance—for single games and season average—throughout the team’s 41-plus year history.

Record High-Single game: 47,929: Multiple games
Record Low-Single game: 9,808: September 9, 2013 vs. Houston Astros
Total attendance per season:
2019: 781.725 (season in progress)
2018: 2,299,489
2017: 2,135,445
2016:  2,267,928
2015: 2,193,581
2014: 2,064,334
2013: 1,761,661
2012: 1,721,920
2011: 1,940,056
2010: 2,085,950
2002: 3,539,938 (Franchise record high-Safeco Field)
1981: 636,276 (Franchise record low-Kingdome)

Just for kicks: T-Mobile Park holds 47,929 seats, but the single highest attended event in stadium history was WWE WrestleMania XIX, where 54,097 wrestling fans filled the stadium (Safeco Field, at the time) from the floor to the nosebleeds on March 30, 2003.
Also just for kicks: The M’s at the Oakland Athletics on April 17, 1979 is still the lowest attended game in MLB history with only 250 people on hand to watch the game.

Every week, we will offer tidbits of information to help you increase your statistical knowledge of all things related to the Pacific Northwest. If you have any interesting stats you'd like to see posted in an upcoming issue of Inside Seattle, reply to this email!

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4. Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff announced that Seattle would become the location of its second headquarters earlier this month. The Bay Area cloud company made its biggest purchase last week in acquiring Seattle-based data visualization company Tableau for $15.7 billion. Salesforce is the latest tech company from the Silicon Valley region to set up shop in Seattle. Benioff did not say how many jobs the second headquarters would bring to the Seattle area. – KING 5 NEWS

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5. Hundreds of protestors congregated in front of Seattle’s City Hall on Sunday to bring attention to safety concerns surrounding bicyclists and pedestrians. The Ride for Safe Streets event was formed in response to transportation updates that drew “backlash from cyclists.” – CAPITOL HILL SEATTLE BLOG

6. A man who was shot and critically injured during a protest that was to precede a speech from alt-right polemicist Milo Yiannopoulus at the University of Washington’s campus in 2017 refused to testify against the couple accused of shooting him. 35-year-old Joshua Phelan Dukes did not cooperate during Monday’s King County Supreme Court trial because he believes the justice system “does not bring closure or healing” – SEATTLE TIMES

7. Late-match heroics helped the Seattle Seawolves beat the top-ranked San Diego Legion by a score of 26-23 to win the team’s second Major League Rugby championship. MLR is only in its second year of existence and Seattle has won both championships. – WINK

8. Seattle’s affordable housing debate has led to 11 new proposal amendments on backyard cottage allowances. Seattle’s Sustainability and Transportation Committee is expected to discuss the proposals at today’s City Hall meeting, and a decision may be made as early as next month. – KOMO NEWS

9. If you’re looking for new food or drinks to match the heat of summer, check out the Latin American-inspired Pacifica tavern, which opens tomorrow in Pioneer Square. – EATER SEATTLE

10. Inside Seattle Sound: Empire of the Sun turns 10
The Summer Solstice hits this week, and what better way is there to celebrate than seeing a band called Empire of the Sun? The Australian art-electro duo came onto the scene a decade ago with their debut album, Walking On A Dream, which featured a very popular song by the same name (I’m sure you’ve heard it by now). Empire is in town to celebrate the anniversary of their most successful album to date, playing three nights at the Showbox Market, tonight through Thursday.

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