Inside Seattle - July 2nd, 2019

Inside Seattle (Jul 2nd, 2019)

Boeing's contractor debacle / Seattle drivers / Joe Biden joke goes awry in Seattle

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1. Former Boeing engineers claimed that contractors from India were hired for $9.00 an hour to work on the software of the 737 Max 8 jet. Multiple sources have said the plane manufacturer brought recent college grads employed by software company HCL Technologies to its Seattle area locations to work on software for the jet model that had two deadly crashes in the past year. Both Boeing and HCL deny having any partnership on the 737 Max software components. – BUSINESS INSIDER

2. Seattle City Council approved a measure to ban the construction of ‘McMansions’ in favor of expanding allowances for homeowners to build in-law units and backyard cottages. Monday’s unanimous vote was made as a way of creating more affordable housing for Seattle residents. The new measure will prevent homeowners from building massive homes, but allows more leeway with accessory dwelling units. My Northwest reports that Seattle currently has less than 2,000 accessory dwelling units, but could see upwards of 4,400 in the next 10 decade. – MY NORTHWEST

3. Jargon watch: Spendy

It seems as if the world is becoming more expensive by the day. There may not be a solution for cutting costs, but there’s not a shortage of ways to describe something as being costly, and Pacific Northwesterners are credited for adding ‘spendy’ to the canon of words that describe something as being too expensive. There is nothing too big or too small for the use of this adjective. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or a new cup of coffee, price inflation has infiltrated the Pacific Northwest so much that we are coming up with new words to show our dismay. Hopefully our fortune turns, and the world becomes less spendy for us all! 

The first edition of each month will feature the definition of a term popularized or heavily used in the Pacific Northwest.

4. By the numbers: Are Seattle drivers really THAT bad?

Last week, we took a look at Seattle’s traffic and how it ranked both nationally and internationally. While the 138 hours Seattleites spent in traffic in 2018 is no small fact to overlook, we can now take a look into one of the possible biggest reasons for the major traffic jams: bad driving. 
There seems to be a general consensus that driving is not a strong points of locals. Yet everyone one of those drivers who clog I-5 north and south through the heart of the city day in and day out are presumed to have passed their driving exams, so how bad can they really be? The answer is really bad compared to the rest of the country.

According to the Allstate Best Drivers report for 2019, Seattle ranks 155th among 200 cities surveyed on their driving skills. This translates into Seattle being the 155th safest city for drivers among the 200 cities surveyed. Yikes! Below are some stats that look at the not-so-good, bad and ugly components of Seattle drivers:

Where Seattle drivers rank among 200 cities surveyed in the U.S. over the past decade:
2018: 179th
2017: 181st
2016: 183rd
2015: 184th 
2014: 173rd
2013: 160th
2012: 154th
2011: 147th
2010: 128th

More stats about Seattle drivers:

  • Seattle drivers go an average of 7.7 years between collisions. The national average is 10.6 years.
  • Seattle drivers average slamming on their brakes 20.6 times per 1,000 miles. The national average is 19 times.

Every week, we will offer tidbits of information to help you increase your statistical knowledge of all things related to the Pacific Northwest. If you have any interesting stats you'd like to see posted in an upcoming issue of Inside Seattle, reply to this email!

5. City health and utility officials announced that Golden Gardens Park is open for use after a massive sewage spill forced a closure last week. 165,000 gallons of sewage spilled into the water north of the beach, but tests from Seattle Public Utilities on Monday found the water to be safe for usage. – SEATTLE TIMES

6. Former Vice President Joe Biden was criticized for his “gay waiter” remark during his election campaign speech in Seattle on Saturday night. Biden is the current front runner for Democratic presidential nominee ahead of the 2020 elections. – CNN POLITICS

7. Seattle Mariners first baseman/designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach was selected as the team’s lone representative for next week’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cleveland. The 26-year-old slugger known as “Vogey” has 20 home runs, 48 runs batted in and a .244 batting average this season. – MLB.COM

8. Celebrate Independence Day in Seattle at any of the spectacular firework shows. Patch compiled a list of all the area’s best shows and their start times. – PATCH

9. An airport might not be your favorite place to eat, but a good meal can ease the stress of hectic travel. Eater Seattle’s Megan Hill offers a guide to best dining options at each gaten of SeaTac International Airport. – EATER SEATTLE

10. Inside Seattle Sound: Search Party

The Vera Project is one of Seattle’s best venues for up and coming artists to showcase their tunes before an intimate crowd. Every year the venue partners with Elysian Brewing to throw the Search Party at Seattle Center's mural stage, which sits at the foot of the Space Needle, to raise money for Vera's awesome music and arts program. This year’s Search Party features over 40 different craft beers and music from The Darkness, Murder City Devils, Black Pistol Fire and Pink Parts. This one-day extravaganza takes place on Saturday July 6th. – VERA PROJECT

Nick Shekeryk has a professional background rich in digital marketing and media. His work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York Post, The Post-Standard, and on, among others. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University, as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle, WA, and spends his spare time playing and coaching baseball, running half marathons, and seeing as much live music as possible. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickShekeryk.

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