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Inside Security (Apr 15th, 2019)

Hi Readers, 

I’ll be attending and speaking at the Inside AI Live event in San Francisco on May 21. Tickets are going fast, so I wanted to share a discount code with my readers before we’re sold out.

Use code VIP20 at checkout to get 20% off. 

Our distinguished speakers who will join me, Inside CEO Jason Calacanis and Rob May, CEO of Talla, include:

  • Gordon Hirsch Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Rain Neuromorphics
  • Katerina Axelsson, Founder and CEO of Tastry
  • Casey Sackett, CTO of Woebot Labs
  • Tobenna Arodiogbu, co-founder and CEO of Scotty Labs
  • Chen-Ping Yu, co-founder and CEO of Phiar 
  • Osh Agabi, founder and CEO of Koniku

Reply back and let me know if I will see you there.

David Strom, Inside Security

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