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Inside Snap (Jul 20th, 2017)

Snap Inc. (SNAP) is now selling its Spectacles camera glasses on (AMZN.) Snap began selling the $130 sunglasses only through vending machines that routinely changed locations. Eventually, the company began offering them through its online store, but with delivery that takes up to 10 days. Now, under Amazon, the glasses can be delivered in two days for Prime members. Amazon is also selling the Spectacles for $130. Spectacles are Snap’s first venture into hardware as it aims to become more of a camera company than a social media platform. – MASHABLE

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Snap Inc. (SNAP) shares dove below their initial public offering price of $17 recently and continue to trade at record-low levels, leaving investors to wonder whether the company will pull off a turnaround in the months ahead. Analysts are divided on whether Snap, now approaching its sixth month as a public company, will be more like Facebook Inc. (FB) or Twitter Inc. (TWTR). Both companies struggled in the first months after their IPOs, but while Facebook has rebounded dramatically, Twitter continues to trade well below its offering price. 
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