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Inside Streaming (Feb 7th, 2017)


WINNEBAGO MAN: Clips of curmudgeonly Jack Rebney ranting and raving on the set of a late '80s Winnebago sales video originally went viral in the pre-internet era, but it was YouTube that really sent his fame into the stratosphere. Ben Steinbauer's hilarious but ultimately kind profile looks at Rebney and the aftermath of his particular kind of infamy. You can rent it for $1 on Amazon.

INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE: A fascinating look at the world of indie game development that highlights the intense passion and dedication required to work on this side of the industry. This instant 2012 classic follows the development of 3 wildly popular indie games: "Braid," "Super Meat Boy" and "Fez." It's streaming on Netflix.

DOWNLOADED: Director Alex Winter (Bill from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure") chronicles the rise and fall of the pioneering file-sharing service Napster, with an eye towards the app's significant impact on the music industry and eventual legacy. Winter also made the similarly-compelling tech-themed "Deep Web," about the trial of "Silk Road" founder Ross William Ulbricht (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts). "Downloaded" is on Netflix.

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