Inside Streaming - July 21st, 2018

Inside Streaming (Jul 21st, 2018)

Shonda Rhimes shows / "Titans" trailer / "Clone Wars" / Seed & Spark sampler

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Please excuse yesterday's lack of Inside Streaming. It was regrettable but unavoidable. We'll be back to a normal schedule next week. Consider today's edition a make-good! -- Editor Lon

1. Producer Shonda Rhimes unveiled eight series that she plans to develop as part of her overall deal with Netflix, under the Shondaland banner. The slate includes both scripted and unscripted series, and both dramas and comedies. One show, based on the 2016 non-fiction bestseller "The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House," will return to a similar setting as Rhimes' hit drama series "Scandal" - it looks at the private lives of first families through the eyes of White House staffers. Rhimes will also create a show based on the story of Anna Delvey, a high society con artist who became an internet celebrity following a recent New York Magazine profile. Other announced series include a Western set in 1840s California called "Pico & Sepulveda," a dark comedy about teens at a camp who use their survival skills to outlast an apocalypse and a show based on Ellen Pao’s Silicon Valley memoir "Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change." – DEADLINE

2. DC Entertainment's subscription streaming service will cost $7.99 per month, and focus on original programming such as "Titans" and the newly-announced "Stargirl." DC made a number of announcements regarding the platform at this week's San Diego Comic-Con. A new trailer for "Titans," featuring an edgy depiction of Robin who memorably says "F*&k Batman" debuted. Also announced: iconic DC writer Geoff Johns will produce a new interpretation of Stargirl, a character who he created, along with Greg Berlanti. DC also announced that a rotating collection of "thousands" of comics will be available at any given time on the service, along with classic DC films and TV episodes. – CNET

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3. Disney will bring back the animated Star Wars series "Clone Wars" on its upcoming streaming platform. Creator and producer Dave Filoni made the announcement live on stage during the panel dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the classic Cartoon Network series, which ran from 2008 to 2013. The series bridged the gap between the Star Wars prequel films "Episode II: Attack of the Clones" and "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." After being canceled in 2013, the series moved to Netflix, but its storyline was left unfinished. Lucasfilm has also announced another animated Star Wars series, "Star Wars: Resistance," for the streaming platform. That one will be set prior to "The Force Awakens," and depict the early days of the resistance to the First Order. – VERGE

4. A streaming version of Bruce Springsteen's one-man live show, "Springsteen on Broadway," will debut on the same night as his final performance: December 15. "Springsteen on Broadway" opened on October 12, 2017 at Broadway's Jujamcyn's Walter Kerr Theatre, and had been originally intended as only an eight-week run. It has since been extended multiple times. All told, Springsteen has done the show 236 to date. Tickets for the final performances are running in the thousands of dollars. – CNN

5. Netflix's upcoming comedy series "Insatiable" has been accused of fat-shaming. The trailer for "Insatiable" debuted on Thursday. The dark comedy series stars actress Debby Ryan as a bullied obese woman who loses weight after having her jaw broken, then sets about getting revenge on her former tormentors. Actress Ryan dons a fat suit for certain sequences. Both Ryan and actress Alyssa Milano, who also appears in "Insatiable," have responded to the controversy. Ryan tweeted a highlighted passage from Teen Vogue saying, about the show: "Problematic? You bet. After all, if someone's treatment of you is rooted in how your body looks, that says a lot about them, not you." Milano tweeted "We are not shaming [Ryan's character] Patty. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat shaming. I hope that clears it up." Critics pointed out that the show nonetheless reinforces stereotypes about people based on their weight and appearance. – CBSNEWS

6. Prior to the release of the Netflix documentary "The Bleeding Edge," Bayer announced it will pull a birth control device from the market. The film, from Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering - the team behind "The Hunting Ground" and "The Invisible War" - investigates questionable practices in the medical technology and supply industries. The medical device in question, called Essure, is used as an alternative to tubal ligation and has been associated with a variety of medical issues. Bayer, the device's manufacturer, says that it will remove Essure from stores because of declining sales, and notes that the Food and Drug Administration considers the device safe to use. "The Bleeding Edge" debuts on Netflix on July 27. – VULTURE

7. Amazon Studios unveiled a teaser trailer for the new psychological thriller series "Homecoming," starring Julia Roberts.

8. A WWII veteran claims that filming of the Netflix series "Maniac," starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, destroyed his home, including irreplaceable photos of family members.

9. YouTube ordered a second season of the supernatural thriller series "Impulse," from director and executive producer Doug Liman.


Crowdfunding and subscription streaming platform Seed&Spark is a sponsor here at Inside Streaming. And grateful we are to them! It would be an inappropriate breach of the advertising/editorial boundary for me to REVIEW Seed&Spark content, and a glaring conflict of interest. And listen... I value your trust, and I know it's rooted in transparency.

But, having said that, it's genuinely an interesting platform full of worthwhile content. And they didn't put me up to this. And instead of reviews, I'm just going to suggest some content that, should you subscribe to Seed&Spark, would be available for your streaming pleasure. Do with that information legitimately whatever you will.

SUICIDE KALE: This dark comedy-drama is set almost entirely over the course of a single lunch. Jasmine (writer/producer Brittani Nichols) and Penny (Lindsay Hicks) are a relatively new couple, and they've come over to long-term marrieds' Billie (Jasika Nicole) and Jordan (Brianna Baker) for a nice social call. (Jasika Nicole will be recognizable to TV fans as Astrid from "Fringe.") Things take a turn, however, when an inexplicable suicide note turns up, and the discussion turns to who might have written it, and why. The film owes a strong debt to the "mumblecore" tradition of the early '00s. (It's in some ways kind of the LGBT "Funny Ha Ha," if that means anything to you.) 

F*CK YES: These brief sketches all revolve around the concept of not just consent, but AFFIRMATIVE consent. The theme is simple: adults should be able to discuss sex and sexual desire in a way that's frank, open and honest. This does not seem PARTICULARLY controversial, and yet, here we are. These shorts reinforce the idea in a way that's fast and easy to digest and often funny.

NO VACANCY: This short documentary profiles artists who are in the process of being forced out - or already have been forced out - of San Francisco by gentrification. It's about not just the difficulty of living in an increasingly expensive city, but the uncertainty that goes along with it. If your building is sold, you will have to move out, a reality that has become increasingly inevitable for the city's creative class. "No Vacancy" also looks into the culture that the city loses as its artistic community is drained away. (For example, a disbanding Salvadoran dance and circus troupe.)

CONTIGO: An example of the animated films available to stream on Seed&Spark, this is a very sad but ultimately affirming short about the bond between a young artist and her writer father. It's done in a charmingly minimalist, storybook style.

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