Inside Trump - November 7th, 2019

Inside Trump (Nov 7th, 2019)

Poll: Voters think Trump will take 2020 / Graham warns Trump of suburb problems / Election stress is real

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1. President Trump slammed a report that described him asking Attorney General Bill Barr to trivialize the Ukraine phone call inquiry. According to sources within the administration, Trump had asked Barr to hold a news conference to state publicly that the president had broken no laws during his controversial conversation with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. In a tweet on Thursday, Trump blasted the report as a "fake Washington Post con job." Other media outlets have since published reports that appear to independently corroborate the Post's original story. --WASHINGTON POST

2. A new poll finds most Americans believe the president will win reelection. According to a Politico-Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday, 56 percent of voters said it is either "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that Trump will serve a second term. Polarization over the president has energized voters from both parties, the survey found, as 81 percent claimed they are "very likely" to vote in next year's general election. -- USA TODAY

3. President Trump railed against the House impeachment inquiry at a rally in Louisana Wednesday night. Without providing substantial evidence to validate his claims, the president called the impeachment inquiry a "deranged" process that is trying to "overthrow American democracy to impose [Democrats'] socialist agenda." The rally in Monroe was intended to boost the candidacy of Republican Eddie Rispone, a Baton Rouge businessman who's running for governor against incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards. -- NEW YORK TIMES

 4. President Trump connected a thriving stock market to his presidency on Wednesday. "You are sooo lucky to have me as your President (just kidding!)," Trump tweeted, noting stocks had just hit all-time highs. "Spend your money well!" While economic uncertainty remains heading into 2020, recent analysis by Bloomberg shows declining probability a recession will hit the U.S. within the next year. The economy may be the president's strongest argument for reelection. -- CNBC

5. The Republican Party chair said Tuesday that President Trump had helped close a big gap in the Kentucky governorship race — but that didn't happen. In a late-night tweet on Tuesday, Ronna McDaniel claimed Trump's presence in Kentucky helped buoy Gov. Matt Bevin's candidacy into a nailbiter. "No one energizes our base like [Donald Trump]," McDaniel wrote. "The governor was down 17 points." All available polling data, however, suggested the race would be close, and Bevin, who has yet to concede the race, ended up losing by less than one percentage point to Democrat Andy Beshear. His campaign asked for a formal vote recanvass on Wednesday to challenge the results.-- ROLLING STONE

6. The impeachment inquiry transcripts released thus far have painted a damning narrative for the president. As more information is made public in the House impeachment process, the reliability of the initial whistleblower report has only been strengthened by consistent witness testimony, Politico reported. The mounting evidence suggesting Trump dangled military aid over Ukraine while demanding the country open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden has forced the president's fiercest defenders between a rock and hard place just as public hearings have been set for next week. -- POLITICO  

7. Tuesday's election results in suburban Pennsylvania uphold ominous trends for President Trump and the GOP. The greater Philadelphia area went hard for Democrats, as the once reliably red suburbs continued to turn increasingly blue. Progressives gained seats across the region and, maybe most notably, in Delaware County, where Republicans have dominated since the Civil War. Pennsylvania, which voted for Trump in 2016, is expected to be a key battleground state in 2020. -- BUSINESS INSIDER

8. On Wednesday, a University of Alabama campus group clarified its stance on student behavior toward President Trump. The school's Student Government Association (SGA) had previously released a statement ahead of Trump's attendance to a football game on Saturday warning that those who "engage in disruptive behavior" could have their seating revoked. The group later clarified that the initial message — seen as a threat to dissuade students from booing the president — had been misconstrued. The SGA, it said, values "the rights of all students to express their opinions." Trump has faced boos, taunts, and cheers at prominent sporting events as of late. -USA TODAY

9. According to a new report from the American Psychological Association, the upcoming presidential election is a "significant source of stress" for about 56 percent of adults. Ahead of the 2016 contest, that figure stood at 52 percent. The data also found Democrats were significantly more likely to report feeling stressed about the election than Republicans. "Trump Anxiety Disorder," it seems, is real. -- HUFFPOST

10. Sen. Lindsay Graham urged the president's reelection campaign to shift their tone after Tuesday's election results. The GOP's poor performance in Virginia and Pennsylvania — as well as a crushing gubernatorial defeat in Kentucky — spurred the South Carolina senator to speak out. "The suburban losses seem to continue in some places,” Graham noted of the results. “I think when you look into [it], it’s more about tone and style than it is about policy. ... I would urge the Trump campaign to look into the bleeding in the suburbs, absolutely. It’s just a dynamic you can’t ignore is real." -- THE HILL

Robbie Couch is a writer and reporter whose work has been published on HuffPost, GOOD magazine, Upworthy, and more. In previous roles, Robbie has written about politics, pop culture news, and social issues.

Editor: Kim Lyons, Inside Managing Editor and Pittsburgh-based freelance journalist.

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