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Inside Venture Capital (Dec 7th, 2018)

  1. A Small Change Seed Funds Can Make To Their Websites To Help Founders (and Themselves): Homebrew’s Hunter Walk (Angellist, Shyp, Lever) discusses the portfolio page.
  2. The VC Myth: There’s Only One Way To Start A Startup: Writer Jon Westenberg discusses the people not covered by the VC mythm.
  3. Who wants a highly-engaged VC?: Founder Collective claims that all founders should.
  4. This week’s funding came in at $4,087,750,000.
  5. Looker (Santa Cruz, CA), workflow data analysis for decision insights: $103M E led by Premji Invest, participation from Cross Creek Advisors, et al.
  6. Cross River Bank (Fort Lee, NJ), banking services for fintech companies: $100M led by KKR, participation from CreditEase, Lion Tree, Battery, Andreessen Horowitz, Ribbit.
  7. OYO (India), budget hotel network: $100M from Grab. Follows $1B E led by SoftBank in September.
  8. This week’s top funding round came from Hong Kong-based Lufax for $1.3B from Qatar Investment Authority, All-Stars Investment, SBI Holdings, JP Morgan, Macquarie Group, UBS, UOB, Goldman Sachs.
  9. Today’s top funding category was Enterprise for $206,300,000 raised over 10 deals.
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Today's VC Reads topics included ways to improve seed funds' websites, the virtues of engages VCs, two reported massive rounds, and more.

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Funded companies included a risk assessment platform for construction projects, a budget hotel network, a platform for knowledge workers to continue learning, and more.

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This week's funding, $4,087,750,000.00, came in $250M above the year's average and $700M above the year's median.

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Today's funding total was divided into 16 categories.

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