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Inside Venture Capital (Jan 11th, 2019)

  1. The Hinman Test:  Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures (Twitter, Tumblr) discusses an argument that decentralization results in cryptocurrencies not being securities.
  2. Thesis or Person? How Different, Smart and Awesome are you really?: Upfront VC’s Kara Nortman (Tinder, Urbanspoon) weighs her training to be thesis-driven and her tendency to invest in people first and foremost.
  3. The “This is Great” Gap: Angel investor and founder Hampus Jakobsson (SmartUp) takes us through the five stages of determining an idea to be great.
  4. This week’s funding came in at $7,271,450,000.
  5. OneLogin (San Francisco, CA), unified access management platform: $100M led by Greenspring Associates, Silver Lake Waterman, participation from CRV, Scale.
  6. Postmates (San Francisco, CA), food-delivery service: $100M from BlackRock, Tiger Global. The company's valuation is now $1.85B.
  7. Akulaku (Indonesia), e-commerce platform, credit cards, and 3G products: $100M D from Ant Financial, et al.
  8. Our top funding category today was Consumer Internet for $148,900,000 raised over four deals.
  9. This week’s top funding round came from WeWork for $2B from Softbank, which resulted in Softbank's total investment reaching $6B and WeWork's valuation reaching $47B and coincided with WeWork’s rebranding to The We Company.
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Today's VC Reads topics include the thesis-driven/person-based investment strategy, the effects of the government shutdown on IPOs, new records set by VCs in 2018, and more.

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Funded companies today include a new type of sustainable shipping material, a smart shopping cart with a barcode scanner and checkout functionality, a roommate search platform, and more

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This week's funding,  $7,271,450,000, came in $3.5B above the year's average and $4B above its median.

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Today's funding total was divided into 10 categories.

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