Inside Venture Capital - January 14th, 2019

Inside Venture Capital (Jan 14th, 2019)

Funding Roundup: $308,590,000 Invested in 27 Deals.

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  1. More Start-Ups Have an Unfamiliar Message for Venture Capitalists: Get Lost: The New York Time’s Erin Griffith reports on an increasing number of founders seeing VCs as toxic.
  2. WARNING: Venture Capital is for founders who want to grow fast (duh): Angel investor Jason Calacanis (Uber) criticizes Griffith’s piece for stating the obvious, and as a follow-up explains: Why aren’t VC firms focused on slow/modest growth startups?
  3. Cause Or Effect?: Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures (Twitter, Tumblr) responds to Griffith’s piece and asks whether the founders need to share some of the blame.
  4. Today’s VC Refresher looks into reports that Slack is seeking to follow Spotify and go public through a direct listing.
  5. Chaoju Eye Hospital (China), eye disorder treatments provider: $59M B led by Orchid Asia Group, Riverhead Capital.
  6. Amazon Pay (India), mobile wallet: $42.6M from Amazon.
  7. CrowdANALYTIX (Sunnyvale, CA), scalable AI functionalities for varied global enterprise: $40M from Macnica.
  8. Our top funding category was Biotech/Health for $84,700,000 raised over five deals.
  9. Today’s average funding round came in at $11,868,846.
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Today's VC Reads topic include responses to an NYT article on startups frustration with VC's insistence on hyper-speed growth and more.

Funded companies today include an Indian co-living startup, a superfood provider, an automated grocery store inventory tracker, and more.

Despite earlier reports of Goldman Sachs being already hired as lead underwriter, a direct listing seems to square with the consensus that Slack's war chest gives it the luxury of not really needing capital

Today's funding total was divided into 13 categories.

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