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Inside Venture Capital (Jan 15th, 2019)

  1. Some Thoughts on Non VC Funding: NextView Ventures co-founder Rob Go (ThredUp) responds to Erin Griffith’s New York Times article with some agreement and much clarification.
  2. A Brief History of the World (of Venture Capital): Nicolas Colin, co-founder and director of The Family, begins with the necessities for the creation of equity itself in a (relatively) concise retelling.
  3. More Data On VC’s Big Year In 2018: Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures (Twitter, Tumblr) compares Crunchbase’ data to PWC/CB’s and finds the same trend, albeit at a larger scale.
  4. Alibaba acquires German large-scale data streaming and distributed systems provider Data Artisans, $103M.
  5. Bond-trading platform Tradeweb, owned by Refinitiv, confidentially files for IPO potentially valuing the company at $4B, according to Bloomberg.
  6. Greenspring Associates raises for Fund IX, direct investment and investment in other funds: $999M.
  7. Yimi Dida (China), logistics management: $266M D led by Boyu Capital, participation from Source Code, HOPU.
  8. SoCar (Seoul, South Korea), car-sharing platform: $44M from Altos, KB Investment, Stonebridge, SoftBank.
  9. AnyVision (Tel Aviv, Israel), computer vision for surveillance purposes: $43M A from Lightspeed Venture, et al.
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Today's VC Reads include another data-based look at 2018's VC activity, an opinion piece advocating for a more care-oriented tech, a (relatively) brief history of VC, and more.

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Funded companies today include a foldable furniture brand, a VR training/learning platform, a gamified cybersecurity training platform, and more.

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DXC Technology acquires Luxoft Holding for $2B, which a bond trading platform reportedly filed for a confidential IPO and two new healthcare funds were closed.

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Today's funding total was divided into 15 categories.

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