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Inside Venture Capital (Jan 18th, 2019)

  1. Point Nine Capital 2019 Team Predictions: Possible points of departure are the coming of age of Millennials, human-machine collaboration, revamping the child-related bureaucracy, and more.
  2. Two Portfolio Tips for First Time Seed Funds: Homebrew’s Hunter Walk (Angellist, Shyp, Lever) emphasizes managing expectations and trading ownership for talent.
  3. Why This Venture Capitalist Believes Uber Is a Better Bet Than Lyft: Fortune interviews Mitchell Green (Uber, Bird, Spotify, Alibaba) of Lead Edge Capital.
  4. This week’s funding total came in at $6,681,830,000.
  5. MoMo (Vietnam), e-wallet: $100M C led by Warburg Pincus.
  6. MabPlex (China), biologics development for manufacturing: $59.1M A from SDIC, Shenzhen Capital.
  7. Alation (Redwood City, CA), self-serving data analytics: $50M C led by Sapphire Ventures, participation from Salesforce, Costanoa, DCVC, Harmony, Icon.
  8. Our top VC funding round of the week came from Veeam (Baar, Switzerland), public/private cloud data management platform, for $500M led by Insight Venture Partners.
  9. Today’s top funding category was Biotech/Health for $151,600,000 raised over five deals.
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Today's VC Reads topics include predictions for 2019, an interview with Mitchell Green, a YC/MIT collaboration, and more.

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Funded companies today included an AR/immersive group gaming platform, a footwear design academy, a fully automated indoor farm, and more.

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This week's funding came in at  $6,681,830,000.00, about $3B above the year's average and $3.5B above the median.

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Today's funding total was divided into 13 categories.

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