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Inside Venture Capital (Jan 21st, 2019)

  1. Screen Time Tracking/Management: Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures (Twitter, Tumblr) shares results of a survey he conducted.
  2. Books I’ve Read 2019: Homebrew’s Hunter Walk (Angellist, Shyp, Lever) offers the first installment of the year.
  3. Four Things That Don’t Require Capital to be a Good VC: Upfront VC’s Kara Nortman (Tinder, Urbanspoon) sees sweat and skepticism as two of the central must-have VC characteristics.
  4. Salesforce to reportedly acquire Israeli software developer ClickSoftware Technologies, $1.5B.
  5. Chinese movie ticketing platform Maoyan Entertainment files for Hong Kong $345M IPO, above previous estimates.
  6. Sun Capital raises for Fund VII, PE: $1.8B.
  7. Welcome Group (Houston, TX), full-service single-tenant industrial owner and development operator: $300M from Almanac Realty Investors.
  8. Divvy (Lehi, UT), platform to manage payments, subscriptions, budgets, and eliminate expense reports: $250M from Waterfall Asset Management.
  9. Flash (Berlin, Germany), e-scooter provider: $62.5M A led by Target Global, participation from Idinvest, Signals.
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Today's VC Reads include discussions of non-capital VC assets, the Illinois startup scene, screen time tracking, and more.

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Funded companies today include several blockchain wallet providers, an e-scooter startup, a platform to crowdfund concerts, and more.

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Zix acquires cloud cybersecurity provider AppRiver for $275M, while Eclipse Ventures raises $500M for its third fund.

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Today's funding total was divided into 9 categories.

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