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Inside Venture Capital (Jan 22nd, 2019)

  1. Coffee Chat: How did you get a job at a VC firm?: Bethany Crystal, general manager at USV, notes that there is no one way to enter the industry, and shares her story.
  2. Immigration Shifts 2019: Prep & Resources for Startups: From a16z. (Video)
  3. European Venture Capital Activity Reaches All-Time High: PitchBook’s 4Q 2018 European Venture Report reported the figure for 2018 at €20B ($22.7B).
  4. Today’s VC Refresher looks into the departure of Slack chief product officer April Underwood.
  5. FirstCry (Pune, India), online baby products retailer: $150M from SoftBank. Is the first tranche of a larger round expected to come in at ~$400M.
  6. Ekuaibao (China), corporate expense management SaaS: $15M B led by Mandra Capital, participation from DCM, Future.
  7. Zylox-Tongqiao Medical (Hangzhou, China), interventional and implantable peripheral vascular device: $14.7M B led by SDIC Fund Management.
  8. Today’s top funding category was Consumer Internet for $152,000,000 raised over two deals.
  9. The average funding round came in at $11,845,217.
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Today's VC Reads topics include the impact of changing immigration policy on the tech world, the fall of a well-known startup, the discussion at Davos, and more.

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Funded companies today include an online will-writing service, a fitness equipment supplier, a dockless bike-sharing service, and others.

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The departure coincides with planning for a direct listing and the decision to change the company's logo.

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Today's funding total was divided into 10 categories.

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