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Inside Venture Capital (Dec 12th, 2019)

  1. The Butter Thesis: USV’s Nick Grossman discusses the frictionless user experience that defines good products.
  2. Despite Momentum, Investor Confidence Is Down: Crunchbase reports on The Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index, which reveals concerns about the oversaturation of capital.
  3. You & Mr. Jones (New York, NY), tech-based marketing platform focusing on the Asia Pacific region: $200M from undisclosed sources. Was valued at $1.3B.
  4. Perfect Day (Berkeley, CA), milk protein production via microbial fermentation: $140M C led by Temasek, participation from Horizons Ventures.
  5. Hometap (Boston, MA), platform allowing homeowners to access home equity without debt: $100M from ICONIQ Capital, General Catalyst, G20, Pillar, American Family Ventures.
  6. HappyEasyGo (Gurugram, India), online travel portal: $49.6M B from Korea Investment Partners, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, UOB Venture, 10 Fund, CVCapital, Zero2IPO Ventures, M&S Partners.
  7. Secure Code Warrior (Belgium), online secure coding platform: $47.6M B led by Goldman Sachs, participation from ForgePoint Capital, Cisco Investments, AirTree Ventures, Paladin Capital Group.
  8. Precision Hawk (Raleigh, NC), AI-based platform to analyze drone-sourced data: $32M from Millennium Technology Value Partners, Third Point Ventures, Eastward Capital Partners, et al.
  9. Viridi Parente (Buffalo, NY), renewable power systems for heavy machinery and storage applications: $29M B led by Grand Oaks Capital, participation from Impact Capital of New York, Varia Ventures, Western New York Impact Investment Fund, et al.
  10. Moresc (China), general cybersecurity platform: $28M from Oriental Fortune Capital, Ambrum Capital, et al.

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