Inside XR - July 20th, 2018

Inside XR (Jul 20th, 2018)

Explore Mandela's life through VR / Another "death of VR" claim / Amazon releases "Part Finder"

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1. South African heritage site Liliesleaf has released “Walking in Mandela’s Footsteps,” which takes Oculus Go users on an interactive VR story about Nelson Mandela’s life. “It is our best hope that this experience gives users the chance to better understand the foundations of Nelson Mandela’s life and the struggle for liberation he undertook,” Liliesleaf said. The experience is out now on Oculus Go for $1.99—according to VRScout, “a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Liliesleaf in support of their efforts to immortalize the work of both Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress in spreading peace, justice and equality.” — VRSCOUT

2. Hark, is that the death knell of VR I hear? Eh, who knows, though Digital Trends seems to think so: “...consumers are done with VR. Sales numbers, as tracked by Amazon sales rank data at Thinknum, make that crystal clear.” Added to yesterday’s story, let’s call that flag a faded “coral” red. — DIGITAL TRENDS

3. Amazon has rolled out a new “Part Finder” feature that allows users to point their smartphone camera at an item so Amazon can scan, match, and direct the user to purchase the item from the company’s website. According to TechCrunch, the feature is able to identify “over 100 types of fasteners, which represents thousands, if not millions of parts.” Amazon didn’t announce the launch of the feature, but confirmed to TechCrunch that it had been rolled out to all users a couple weeks ago. — TECHCRUNCH

4. Maya Georgieva writes for EdSurge today about the education possibilities with mixed reality like Magic Leap. “The initial release of Magic Leap One will be a luxury item for many education institutions with little accommodation for people with disabilities or digital equity. Yet in the future, immersive technologies may hold a greater potential to solve these issues compared to our current technology tools,” she writes. “ Moore’s law drives the technology’s power up and prices down, expect the fidelity and interactivity of these experiences to only get better in the next three years. It is likely that we will see mixed reality glasses at a variety of price points that will eventually replace our phones, screens and desktops.” — EDSURGE

5. Y Combinator graduate Jido Maps is creating what it calls a “save button” for persistent AR spaces. As TechCrunch puts it, “if you are holding a digital banana and you put that on the table, Jido may enable that to remain in that space when you return at a later date or time. That process of relocalizing a device and helping it remember its former position is at the core of this technology.” Jido is hoping to entice developers and studios with its lightweight API and simple multiplayer process. — TECHCRUNCH

6. AR/VR company Humaneyes Technologies has announced its new $400 Vuze XR camera that captures both 2D 360-degree and 3D VR180 videos and photos. The camera also contains livestreaming capability, allowing a user to share to social media in real time. “One camera can now livestream in 360° from a concert, take immersive VR180 pictures of the band, and record your friends singing along to edit and share the full experience later,” said Humaneyes CEO Shahar Bin-Nun. “We’re giving users the freedom to spontaneously shoot content from all angles, or only a few, and we can’t wait to see what’s created with it.” The camera ships later this year. — VENTUREBEAT

7. Medgadget spoke with the Johnson & Johnson Institute about the company’s new VR training program, which is designed to “prepare orthopedic surgeons and nurses for a couple common procedures.” “With VR, surgeons, nurses and residents can practice at their own pace and as often as they want until they master a procedure. This is especially critical for residents, given the few training hours they typically have because of their heavy workloads and work hour restrictions,” said David Badri, Virtual Reality and WW Professional Education at Johnson & Johnson. — MEDGADGET

8. Do click through to see the impressive video...

"Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR Park Takes Over Comic-Con via @Jonathan360 @PrimeVideo #SDCC" - @VRScout

9. "Creepy" and "campy" caught my attention...

"Delusion: Lies Within mixes movies and immersive theater to create a creepy, campy VR adventure" - @verge

10. Any space geeks subscribed?

"Explore the entire #Apollo11 Command Module in 3-D, interior and exterior!  #ar #ve #Apollo11Landing #space #nasa #FlashbackFriday"

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