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ReadThisThing (Nov 27th, 2016)

For years, Miami has dedicated millions of dollars to maintaining its disappearing shoreline, which is being washed away by the sea. “There is no Miami Beach unless we build it,” says one scientist. “The real endangered species on the coast of the US isn’t the piping plover or the loggerhead sea turtle. It's an unengineered beach.” But Miami Beach has a new problem: “it has run out of sand in the ocean nearby.”

Sand's Edge

"On Nov. 23, 1996, Ali Dia appeared as a substitute for Southampton in a Premier League match. Deemed out of his depth by his manager, Graeme Souness, he was substituted before full-time. Soon after, Dia was released by the club and accused of perpetrating the most sensational scam in football history.”

Finding Ali Dia

Discovering the origins of the Kyasanur forest disease was, at one point, referred to as “possibly the most dramatic epidemiological detective story of our time.” Writer Nithyanand Rao tells that story here.

The Seven-Decade Transnational Hunt for the Origins of a Strange Indian Disease

Take a look at the A.V. Club's oral history of the “Double Dare” obstacle course. As announcer John Harvey remembers, “It smelled like death.”

An Oral History of the "Double Dare" Obstacle Course
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