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ReadThisThing (Nov 14th, 2017)

At this early point in its history, Pie Town displayed the attitude that still defines the town. In the old days, resident Nita Larronde says, Pie Town was barely on road maps. The town had to petition just to get a post office. To secure one, Pie Town residents were asked, in 1927, to suggest three other names for their settlement. “The name was beneath the dignity of the post office,” Larronde says. “But the people of Pie Town decided, ‘No, we’re Pie Town. You can take your post office and go to hell.’”

It is a real town in New Mexico, with pie shops, and an annual Pie Festival with obligatory pie-eating and pie-baking contests, and an annual Pie King and Queen. But this quirky little place offers a bit more than just delicious desserts. 

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