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ReadThisThing (Dec 4th, 2017)

Barley World, a research group at Oregon State University, teamed up with colleagues at Britain’s Sainsbury Laboratory for the study. Researchers took two kinds of barley, the British Golden Promise and the OSU-bred Full Pint, and crossbred them. The experiment yielded hundreds of new barley strains, which researchers then planted and harvested near OSU. Local breweries used the new strains to whip up 150 “micro-batches” of beer. (Sadly, they only made one bottle of each.)

A panel of beer tasters then went to work.

Nice work if you can get it: Testing barley strains to see if they produce noticeably different tasting beers. It's apparently a long-simmering dispute whether beers get flavor from the malting process or the barley. These brave researchers put that theory to the test. 

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