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ReadThisThing (Jan 24th, 2018)

In the hands of Jack Martin, a fourth-generation broom maker in West Tennessee, a broom is an objet d’art, born of the earth and handcrafted with elegant simplicity into a talisman worthy of veneration. Whether displayed for its exceptional beauty and quality — or used to sweep out the garage — an encounter with one of Martin’s brooms often sparks something like enchantment. It’s hard to reckon with such feelings — primal echoes from the past, perhaps.

Jump over them to get married, sweep away bad thoughts, sweep in good omens... you never really considered the cross-cultural significance of brooms, did you? This piece from the wonderful Bitter Southerner magazine tells the story of a man who makes brooms with great care, and why they're so important.  

Read: The Broom Prophet

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