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ReadThisThing (Oct 17th, 2018)

I may have been fifteen, seventeen, or twenty when I saw the watercolor, in my great aunt’s sunbaked living room or my mother’s apartment; I don’t recall exactly. What sticks with me is the Old World awkwardness of the heroine’s name. Itka. I turned the Yiddish syllables on my tongue. And Bundist. What was that?

This question became a thread that led me to the Bund, a revolutionary society of which my mother’s Grandpa Sam had been a member, whose story was interwoven with the agonies and triumphs of Jews in Eastern Europe, and whose name has all but been erased.

For New York Review of Books, Molly Crabapple shares the tale of her late great-grandfather and the anti-Zionist Jewish political party he joined in the late 1890s.

Read more: My Great Grandfather the Bundist

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