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ReadThisThing (Jul 12th, 2019)

Grace Church School is the oldest preschool in Brooklyn, and a tony one that that - its students are all denizens of exclusive enclaves across the city, and are expected to matriculate at some of New York's most desirable private schools. When Grace's longtime director retired after 37 years at its helm, her replacement was hit with criticisms ranging from the impropriety of describing books asĀ Caldecott winners (which is apparently a faux pas?) and paying too much attention to some of the school's more notable parents. If you dig the parental drama plot lines in "Big Little Lies," you'll enjoy this story - and if you think theĀ parental drama plot lines in "Big Little Lies" are satirical, this story will be a pretty major eye-opener.

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The Battle of Grace Church

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