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ReadThisThing (Jul 18th, 2019)

If the most recent season of "Stranger Things" whetted your appetite for a more grown-up take on the 1980s, this one is for you: In 1982, the freshman class of Vermont's Bennington College included future literary luminaries Donna Tartt, Bret Easton Ellis, and Jonathan Lethem - all of whom went on to (in one way or another) recycle experiences from their time on campus into their art. There must have been some pretty wild stuff in the water those days, right? Writing for Esquire, Vanity Fair contributing editor Lili Anolik builds an exhaustive oral history - with extensive quotes from the authors and their classmates - of those long-ago days at the exclusive school.

Read more at Esquire:

The Secret Oral History of Bennington: The 1980s' Most Decadent College

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