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ReadThisThing (Jul 22nd, 2019)

For a couple days this spring, veteran New York Times reporter Andy Newman traded the newsroom for an e-bike, working as a food delivery person for the likes of Uber Eats, Postmates, and GrubHub. He learned that most customers don't even bother to look delivery people in the eye, many don't wear clothing when they claim their food, and a shocking percentage - nearly two thirds - of customers refuse to tip, which with the apps' pay structures means that a living wage is impossible for delivery people to achieve. It's a real eye-opener, one that might make you think twice (or tip, generously and in cash) the next time you order a delivery. 

Read more at the New York Times:

My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman

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